King Big Daddys 170lb skull crush.

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by KBD, Jul 18, 2010.

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    Now i see why he doesn't post any pictures.
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    u watch ur mouth talking about the king......

  4. KBD

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    See, this is a man who knows his stuff!

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    Been there, done it natural. I used to have a mental hangup about big plates so I would stack on 10's on a curl bar. I loved/love the exercise. I would work up to sets of 10 with 6 10's on each side. Not quite as much weight, but we are talking 10 reps of good form. Never hurt while pumped, only later. Now I warm up with plenty of cables.....

    You probably go a little on me at my peak.. Yes I am impressed. Its been good work. Now lets see you do something smart and try to back down juice free for a while holding what ya can.. I will make for a great cycle a year down the road....

    You are motivating me for another run.....

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    I like how im motivating people :D.

    [ame=]YouTube - Deluxe has 19 inch BICEPS![/ame]

    19 inch arms btw :D
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    ^ stfu is pretty damn cut in those pics lol
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    KBD... you dill bag...

    good work bro... you are really motivating me to cycle much longer than I should.. ASS...

    having thoughts of completing pct taking a month and jumping back on... fucker... thanks for the motivation....
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    I hope we dont see KBD on Youtube in a year with a sad look on his face whilst pinching his gyno laiden titties as little droplets form.......

    CORE, you could juice till the fucking cows come home and no be on as long as him. THE ONLY ONE HERE thats been on longer than him,,,,, IS ME........:eek:[:eek:)]

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    You make me laugh bro...[:eek:)]

    I almost broke out the pics then said... nah... I know my dick is bigger... cause your momma said so...[:eek:)]
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    [ame=]YouTube - Sexy Muscle Stud Bicep Flex[/ame]
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    FACT: You still have not posted a single pic or video.
    FACT: You are a coward.
    FACT: No one on this board wants you here.
    FACT: You should buy a bullet and rent a gun.
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    Haha, who else could that possibly be besides KBD? Who else would say "you should all start fuckin payin up to your fuckin king here"?

    I know that's him, I randomly found that video on Youtube. I just question the title of Sexy Muscle Stud Bicep Flex. Really, KBD? Haha, it feels like you uploaded the video and someone clowned you by naming the video that. Just an observation I had made. Why don't you have your own youtube channel yet?

    My favorite channel is HotForWords... anyone who is dumb and likes titties should do a couple lessons a day. There is no better place to go to learn word origins. Her accent annoys some people, but it drives me crazy! I Love it!:drooling:

    [ame=]Hot For Words - Muscle - Video[/ame]
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    Actually, as a matter of fact. I have my own youtube channel with 4000 subscribers, i just like showing my body off. Is that wrong? lol

    The purpose of the title of the video is to bring in viewers. The more interesting the title name, the more people are gonna watch it.
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    Do you get paid by sponsors?
  17. KBD

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    Youtube pays me for a few of my videos, i make about 500 a week off youtube, not too bad, the more subscribers i bring in the more $.
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    Sweet... so your kinda like iCarly huh....
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    Nope, I'd definitely rather fuck iCarly...I know she's young, but she's still a nice draft and follow
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    and here I thought I was the only perv that thought about that....:eek: