King Big Daddys 170lb skull crush.

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by KBD, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. IronCore

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    (Drum Roll)

  2. Renegade69

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    This guy seems like he would make a nice addition to the anti-spammer/assclown squad we have here
  3. pigeonhed

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    Wow I never would have guessed the direction of this thread.

    Good stuff though thank you to everyone for making my workday a little more fun.
  4. KBD

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    We like to switch it up and confuse people a bit, makes it less boring!

    Glad to see your entertained [:eek:)]
  5. meetcake

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    now that was a damn good intro into the site [:eek:)]
  6. Meathead27

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    I just saw SHUTupandBITCH's pic.. No fucking WAY all that shit talking come from THAT little shit stain :confused: I guess that just proves anyone can talk big when they're safely hidden behind a computer screen. That kid isn't man enough to wear my jockstrap! [:eek:)]
  7. TrainHard

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    GREAT FIRST post bro, welcome to meso!!!

    I think you'll get a few rep points for this from members.

    Guys check out his other post, Its another great one

  8. KBD

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    Yeah, hes a fuckin turd
  9. Renegade69

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    Im pretty sure you were doing skull crushers with BitchLift's bodyweight [:eek:)]
  10. KBD

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    Lol yeah and i coulda done more, that 170 felt light. So that kid is a pussy!
  11. TrainHard

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    You should have done more. :D

    Pretty much I can't go any heavier than 135 on Skull Crushers, and recently its been 120, otherwise the next day my tendon is all inflamed in my left elbo, and all my other lifts suck for the week. Don't need a blow out of any kind :eek:
  12. BBC3

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    Wise on the blotting out of the facial. HOWEVER, you are starting to remind me of a eighties wrestler, or a satist as a dungeon Master. You should just hold a whip in one hand, and WWF title belt in the other.....[:eek:)]

    Now if you could only get a hold of a real wrestler mask. I can't remember the name of that guy, but there was one who never revealed himself, and it was always his opponents goal to incapacitate him and get the mask off......:D It went on for years..... Anyone???

  13. Testiclats

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    Spider Man? Or Batman? [:eek:)]
  14. so many people are so into themselves its embarrassing fir me ti read about them
  15. KBD

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    Dude, who the fuck are you really? And if its so embarrassing take your ass off of here and dont fucking read it. Nobody asked for your shitty opinion. <^>[:eek:)]<^>