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    So this is a miracle for me in a pill. Works wonders I hear stories of people developing tolerance fast and others taking years does anyone have personal experience? I’m prescribed them.
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    This is the second klonopin thread you’ve started. Chill, brother.
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    What's your deal? Think this something you should talking about on the dark web not here.
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    they work to take the edge off, but like anything you'll build a tolerance to them and then they become nothing more than a sleeping pill to me. I took a couple to help calm down enough to sleep at night. Then after 3 years on them they quit doing much and I moved to Xanax.

    I was prescribed wellbuterin as a baseline anti-anxiety med at 150mg/day and supposed to take xanax when I felt like I was going to lose my shit. Well thsat pretty much turned into 2 a day every evening, often 3 or 4mg if I have enough to spare. I'm not going to say its a bad thing because they've helped me deal with shit better, but I will say NOT HAVING THEM makes you realize how bad you're hooked on them. That's the part that sucks.
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    It took me a month and I was hooked and couldn’t go without them. Like mentioned above, very shortly after starting k-pins I moved on to Xanax bars.
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    Klonopin should never be prescribed longer than 6 months at the absolute max as they're highly addictive.
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    Shit my bad I didn’t even realize I made one before. Had a lot going on lately. In regards to something on the dark web it not looking to buy it or anything just figured it was a general health topic. Nvm then
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    Benzos tend to effect the short term memory
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    I thought it wasn't allowed at all. Oh well. Fuck it.

    Would you believe me if I told I've never taken anything like that in my life? Not even if it was prescribed to me.
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    Yeah and oh I didn’t know if it was allowed or not I thought asking for a source is what wasn’t allowed
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    Your right. That's what it was. I forgot where the line was drawn cause it doesn't happen often.
  12. Yes they take the edge off, but are only helpful short term or on an occasional basis ie twice a week max, maybe a rare 3rd time. I can tell you that taken long term not only is it likely to build tolerance but it can likely make the condition you are treating worse. You may find yourself developing new anxieties that you did not have previously. Like you could find that it’s possible after sometime that even while taking a high dose, occasionally it will magnify anxiety, but if you don’t take it you’ll have other issues.

    There are better drugs out there to cover up anxiety and/or depression than benzos but I won’t mention them so as not to push anyone into crippling addiction.

    I will say that I preferred klonopins over Xanax, Valium over klonopin and restoril over all but used Xanax because it was the easiest to get in large amounts because it’s the most commonly prescribed benzo.
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    This is so true, happened with me. My anxiety was much worse on Benzos, most people look at you like your crazy but it’s true.
    Somebody told me “yeah but increased anxiety on benzos is just a mental thing..”
    My response was..”and anxiety is not?? lol..”
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  14. lol yea anxiety is definitely a psychological issue. I would sometimes start talking to myself like a loon, but because of the short term memory issues I’d forget which made things worse. I’d also talk to people and again I’d start to forget what I was talking about and would have to ask them what I was talking about lol. It also made me crave sugar like crazy, I’d only eat sugary foods like cake, candy, ice cream, soda etc. Lost 100lbs after I quit. I would have to take extra adderall which I get for ADD just to stay awake at work but usually the benzos would over power it
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    Man, the craziest thing I think would happen to me would be the talking to myself but it was weird. If I took 3+ bars, I would go out to my garage knowing it was fixing to happen..but I’d be sitting in there and start talking to people. It’s hard to explain, like kinda schizo stuff but not. I knew they weren’t there but I alway could here like chattering going on like there where multiple conversations going on around me and I’d be having one with myself lol. It’s funny now, but scary really and most of all just sad because, like I said, I’d know it was going to happen and I looked forward to it. Those couple of years my life was just a whole different kinda crazy, in due part to benzos I believe
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  16. Ah man I once took a few pins, a little bit of booze and I smoked a blunt in my car and I started hallucinating, like for a few minutes I thought Worf from Star Trek was in the car with me and I was talking to him lol, was on opioids too but those never made me crazy. Ambien tho that would have me hallucinate, like I thought I was hosting a tea party in my closet, or another time I thought 3 dudes were trying to kill me in my car so I started punching them, then I realized it was just my backpack. Only took ambien when I had no benzos, which was rare last cpl yrs on them. When I took like anywhere from 3-10+ bars I would sometimes think I was having a conversation with God, sometimes thought I’d be struck down because of my thoughts, pretty messed up shit, not the thoughts the fact I thought I was having a convo with God, then I’d wake up with my face in my food or some shit. I have spotty memory of 2014-2016, esp the last yr.
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    Ambien and the tea party! Dude that must be a thing with ambien because I did the same thing just minus the tea. I had a similar spiritual episode on it as well except I was talking to demons on a mountain..which was super weird for me because I was atheist.

    January will be three years clean. Don’t miss a second of it. There were far more lows than highs. My mental state was awful and physical just as bad. I was down to 127lbs and I’m a natural 185-190lbs. So malnourished on my last few days if I stood up too fast I would pass slick out.

    So by no means am I glorifying any of these stories. It was complete and utter hell. I don’t wish drug addiction on my worst enemy.
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    Klonopin AKA Clonazapam is a “benzo”diazipine class of meds, (as are Valium and Xanax) and like
    all drugs in this class, tolerance is
    to be expected.

    Perhaps even more important. all drugs in this class have a negative impact on coordination and balance.

    Ergo while this drug may allow one to mingle with gym crowds, the embarrassment of stumbling and busting your ass will alter any serious lifters opinion about its benefit.

  19. Ambien definitely causes more hallucinations and sleep walking than any other hypnotic-sedative. lol the tea thing was just weird, my vision was like looking thru binoculars backwards, thinking your backpack was 3 people trying to kill you was pretty frightening.

    Been off rec opioids and subs for almost 7 years but have had countless relapses with fentanyl, smoking the patchs, not the plastic but I won’t get into details, last relapse was 3 years ago and I’m almost off the subs. 2 years off benzos, has a seizure and had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance where they tapered me with iv Ativan until I was sane enough for pills. Spent a week in the er. I actually had a weak moment exactly 53 weeks ago and took a bar, felt it but was so disappointed and haven’t touched it since.

    Definitely nothing glorifying, done shit like I’m ashamed of, like dragging my mom downtown with fake stories to get $. I’m one of the rare people that eat more on drugs except stimulants. While all my friends were vomiting every 30 min from oxy I was stuffing myself, but not with good food. That’s why I ballooned to over 300lbs when I should be 180, well technically 160 since I’m 5’8” but I’ve always been naturally more muscular. On drugs I was obese, showered like 2-3x wk so I prob smelled. Would go months without jizzing and didn’t have sex for a cpl yrs, no libido.

    Edit: Sorry that was long, lol in short drugs (that includes booze) are bad.
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  20. I remember I took some benzos, had a cpl drinks of course with an opioid base and was at a club in LA, had no balance, tripped and fell on my face. Needless to say I didn’t land any babes that night, not that I would of been able to get it up anyway.
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