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    Does anyone here use this? If so what do they use it for? Any possitive/negative experience that could be helpful would be appreciated
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    I use it recreationally. There are different types that serve different purposes like painkilling, anti anxienty or even energy.
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  3. I've bn told that diff strains and such aren't big differences. More the dose that does different things. Small dose for a little pick me up and big doses as kind of a downer.

    I use it to relax. It makes me talk a lot tho. Sex is great while on it but more than 4-5g and it's impossible to cum.
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    Any good sources you could point me toward?
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  5. Straightupkratom
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  6. They running sale rite now too. 30%off
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    Would you recommend one of them over the others?
  8. Eman

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    Actually kratom tends to work in reverse as far as this goes... Bigger doses tend to give people a stimulant effect and small doses more of a relaxed down effect. Everyone reacts differently though.

    I've used quite a bit of kratom. Sometimes just a recreational thing, but it feels good on sore muscles, aches, pains etc.

    There is a notable difference between strains but it's not huge, IME. Red vein tends to be more of a strain to put you down at bedtime or better for pain management. Whereas something like Bali is a more general kratom that you can use for multiple things but it's maybe more of a recreational variety. Thai Maeng Da kratom is my personal preference.

    As with all things, I think moderation is important. It can be become habit forming to be sure, so it's wise to be proactive and not let it become an issue.
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    I make sure I have Green Maeng Da and white Maeng Da at all times. My personal preference for Sense of well being and pain relief. Reds will sedate you. Certain whites will leave you feeling geeked. However, razor sharp focus on the white is legit
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    Anyone else have any good sources? I tried the one mentioned earlier and it wanted my bank account and routing info which I didn't like
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    Gaia ethnobotanical is who I've been using for a while. A kilo goes for about $90. I use it for pain relief.
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    There is a a documentary about Kratom that was just added to Netflix recently called "A Leaf of Faith". Directed by Chris Bell (bigger, stronger, faster) it's a cool insight into the plant/drug.

    If anyone follows him on IG, you will see two or three categories of posts; 1) his diet, which is a non traditional ketogenic diet called the "Carnivore Diet" and 2) a reference to kratom. I generally like the dude's content, been a fan since Big, strong, fast.
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    I’m on that
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    I ordered a little sample pack of 5 strains and gave it a try last night. I tried a red Bali before bed. I couldn't sleep all night! It felt like I drank a big cup of coffee. I only took 4 grams. I'll play with the other strains and see what happens
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    Generally not wise to take too close to bedtime, particularly when you're first trying it out.

    It seems counterintuitive but taking higher doses tends to be more sedative.