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    Ive taken Kratom everyday for the last 9 months. I'll m curious to know if there are any reports on the effects it has on our body.

    A lot of bullshit articles online im wanting fact based studies.

    Anyone know?
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    How many grams per day?
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    I have been on/off it for 5 years. Belong to a pretty seasoned community whose members have utilized it daily for 15-20 years and are in their 60-70s now.

    The only thing this community has to go on is anecdotal evidence which labs that are pulled all seem normal. No major side effects or health issues.

    It will be a bitch to stop though. I did a 30 day taper and went through a couple months of severe lethargy, exhaustion, weakness. Acute wds seem to pass within 7-10 days. Lethargy lasts months.

    My first time stopping I was taking 20-25g a day of plain leaf. 4-6g 4X a day

    Now I take 1.5g 3X a day and it works much better. Less is more for sure
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    Going through this right now. Honestly the only downside was having to keep taking it or I started feeling those symptoms. I have went from about 30-35 to about 8-10 in 3 weeks and it’s getting much better. It’s a tool that can be used but I think people downplay any w/d affects because they are definitely there. Even more so if you take a high dosage and just decide to stop without tapering....

    in the scheme of thing if people are in pain this is a much safer alternative compared to prescription pain killers.
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  5. I found two studies, both not exactly informative. One looked at 19 >2 year chronic users who had normal hormone levels, but we don’t know what they were before kratom or after since they never stopped so it could have decreased from what they were. The other was a single person who had low T, low libido and mildly elevated prolactin like you’d see from use of certain drugs like opioids. Follow up visit everything returned to normal as he stopped for 2 months.

    Both very limited info but I find the second more believable as it does act on the opioid receptor, and opioids do decrease T. I’d imagine the affect is significantly less. Non of this matters if you’re on trt.
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    Yeah. I noticed within the community that a extremely slow taper is crucial. Like reduce 0.5g a week. Acclimate then reduce again.

    I went quick and tapered 25g down to 0 in 28 days and I thought the taper wasn’t to bad but a week or two after stopping is when the fatigue hit. Most other symptoms never got bad. Some rls at night but the fatigue is what wouldn’t end. Took a few months really.

    Stem and vein also helps with the taper

    Yeah, the down side is it has some physical symptoms when stopping. The plus side is it’s raw plant material that’s unprocessed. It’s worked for centuries in indigenous cultures, no long term side effects we know of, nobody has died from it SOLELY. the dozen of worldwide cases involving death and Kratom proved they had many Rx’s in their systems including Kratom. Even if 12 dies worldwide over a 20 year period that’s something the makers of Tylenol would kill to have
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    So with the 1.5g X 3 you are doing now, can you just not take it in a given day and notice no issues aside from feeling a little less energetic?

    I do have some stem and vein so I am wondering how that helps. Does it basically lessen the w/d feeling without giving you the effect the crushed leaf does?
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    Probably not. I still believe there is a debt to pay if I just stopped.

    One thing I notice using this low of an amount is I can go all day without it. Wds don’t start kicking in really at all. When I burned 25g a day it’s like every 4-6 hours I had to take some. I don’t feel that way at all now
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    That would be the goal for me. I don’t demonize it in any way and I think while used responsibly it can enhance someone’s life (just like AAS). As with anything if you take it too far it can have consequences.
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    It’s a great tool. Imo it’s much better than suboxone or methadone for a substitute or for a detox agent.

    Much better use long term over ssri, benzos, pain pills, etc. so what if you feel like shit if you stop taking it. We all know how we feel if we stop all the above!

    I was prescribed 0.5mg alprazolam for 90 days. I took as prescribed for sleep while I was being treated for a health issue last year. When I stopped I went through the worst withdrawals. It’s been 10 months and I’m still not right. So fuck what anyone has to say.

    This stuff works. It must be respected though.
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    What sort of taper schedule did you use? Was it a certain amount of grams per week/day or did you just lower as you felt you could?
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    This was my taper log. PL stands for plain leaf. SnV is stem and vein. Towards the end I increased the SnV
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    Sorry. So the date is all the way to the left, 1st number represents plain leaf, 2nd number is stem and vein. So in about 2 weeks I transitioned off of plain and leaf and tapered down stem and vein which is like half the strength.

    I was warned I was going to fast and I think they were right. Taper wasn’t bad but when I stopped it sucked
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    So is the 14g / 7g mean 14g = Morning dose and 7g = Afternoon dose?

    Edit: nevermind...saw you clarified.
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    No studies, but i have seen horror stories on Erowid about people going into liver failure after taking kratom. I've tried it a few times and never got any positive effects, on top of that I always felt tired/toxic next day.
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    I bout a couple kilos of green leaf before on a buy one get one half off sale.

    Well fuck my life for the next few months. I had so much energy while on it and felt so fucking good.

    But!!! I have never been addicted to any drugs before but god damn this shit hit hard after about 3-4 months of being on it. Hell up to an ounce sometimes a day. I got off of it and it was a bitch with the WD.

    Now I use it with more sense. I never use it more than once in a 3 day setting. And only use it if I’m feeling bad wether it’s pain or for energy.

    I would rather take Kratom than any pain killer if for some reason I’m needing too.

    Just like drinking play it safe.
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    What was the strategy for getting off and how long did the WD symptoms last? I am in a similar situation....never been addicted to any sort of drug but this made me more energetic, feel better etc so naturally I wanted to feel like that all the time. Was your experience similar to @Sparkyp with getting off?
  18. Opium>kratom. Would much rather use opium than kratom whether for fun or for pain. Problem is that it is nearly impossible to get the real deal over here. Honestly it seems like the only real pro for kratom when comparing it to a typical narcotic pain killer like oxycodone is a milder withdrawal should you become dependent, and it’s not illegal to have without an rx atm.
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    That's funny, I've been thinking about why opium isn't more common in the western world, but I think I've figured it out.

    Opium is rife within the Persian community where I life, my SO is Persian and a lot of the men use it.

    I assume the reason why it hasn't gone "mainstream" is because it cost more than heroin, it isn't as strong and it's more difficult to import large amounts. You can import a lot more doses of heroin in a kilo than a kilo of opium.
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  20. I don’t think it’s more expensive, but you’re right heroin is more potent as they’ve separated the morphine (which is the main substance in opium) and processed it into heroin which is 1.5-2x stronger than morphine. Well tar isn’t actually true diacetylmorphine ie heroin, it’s an impure drug between morphine and h but close enough lol.

    You can certainly make more $$ selling heroin than opium. People don’t really know much about it here. Only people that might be able to get it are Persians, maybe Asians.