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  1. gotgrowth

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    Does anyone have a idiots guide to making a batch of l carnitine? im seeing a lot of 500mg/ml out there but have been iffy with the pip

    I’m looking to make 50/100ml at a time. I don’t normally homebrew but I’m pretty sure I can handle this. Just don’t want to mess up the ratios

  2. eery

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    sterile water
    1-2% BA

    It doesnt get more complicated then that.
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  3. gotgrowth

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    I’ve never brewed anything before. So
    When you say 1-2% ba. is that 1-2% of the total volume of product im making (50/100ml). Do I have to take into account the weight or volume of the actual compound ?
  4. Iron Vett

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    It is 1-2% of the final volume of the mix

    so if your final volume is to be 100ml then the BA would be 1-2ml
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  5. TRT@40

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    Yes to your 2nd question. L-carnitine powder is going to displace the volume. An easy way to account for it is to place you raws in a beaker, add BA and add BAC or sterile water until you get to 50 ml or 100ml line on the beaker. I am assuming BAC or sterile way; I have only brewed holy oils :)
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  6. FR0Z3N_B0MB34

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    500mg/ml Carnitine ... i m waiting my carnitine to arrive so i dont know its displacement yet

    But... 500mg per ml is 0.5g per 1ml , so for 100ml of total solution you ll need 50g of L Carnitine and the remaining water to reach 100ml of solution. (I ll use Bac Water)

    i ll put 50g of L Carnitine into a beaker, i ll add 1% BA, so 1ml to the powder and then i ll add the water till i reach the 100ml notch...

    i ll filter it and i ll done
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  7. gotgrowth

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    that seems perfect. What are you filtering with? 1 pass or two ?

  8. FR0Z3N_B0MB34

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    I use a PTFE 0.22 micrometer filter
  9. gotgrowth

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    Just one pass?
  10. TRT@40

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    Can you buy the powder from Amazon?
    Or you recommend getting it from elsewhere?
  11. FR0Z3N_B0MB34

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    I think it should be g2g since its just an aminoacid
  12. muscletrain

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  13. palebear

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    Do you guys think distilled water would be fine if I add BA and filtering it? Technically it would be a sterile water for injection am I right?

    Also heating is not necessary?
  14. FR0Z3N_B0MB34

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    Yes.... if heat it you ll evaporate BB
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