Lab Max Iran Hormone test enanthate 250

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  1. Rosconow

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    Hi all.

    Just Lab Maxed PG Anabolics sourced Iran Hormone test enanthate 250.
    Lot# 0002
    Exp- 2019/02/27

    It passed as far as im concerned. Glowed prominant green in the uv light as per test kit instructions. Just passing on my findings. Take it with as much salt as you need... but dont, you'll retain water!

    20180918_172508.jpg 20180918_172627.jpg 20180918_172323.jpg
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  2. tengtren

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    So you lab maxed pharmaceutical test
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    this made me lol
  4. Rosconow

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    There was some doubt to authenticity. One packaging discrepancy from a previous batch of Iranian test. Plus for the yanks that don't know, Iran pharma products are faked alot in Europe.
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    I think I remember reading on PGA thread guys were calling his Iran pharm stuff out for something on the box now

    But this labmax still doesn't mean it's real Iran pharm right? Just that it contains Test e?
  6. Rosconow

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    Yes. You are totally right.
  7. mercury

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    whatever comes from the factory has hormone inside, counterfeits are fakes.

    and for packing they have problem with equipment, printers so each batch might look different. They bought the production line many years ago and cannot get new equipment because of sanctions.

    BIGMURPH Junior Member Supporter

    Its good to know that srcs are still providing real Iran hormone company testosterone enanthate because there is so much counterfeit pharma grade products on the market you have to labmax or roidtest everything nowadays.
    Thanks for the post
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