Lab results on Purchase Peptides Letro and PureGear Cypionate

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    I used 300mg PureGear Cypionate weekly from M4BTEAM (Marrsel) and 1 dropper (2.5mg) Letro daily from Purchase peptides. The blood draw was taken 7 days after my last Cypionate injection. Estradiol measured 8.5 pg/mL and Total T measured 1412 ng/dL. These results are consistent with genuine products. In fact, my Estradiol has never measured lower with T levels this high. Obviously the Purchase Peptides Letro is a genuine AI.

    Passing Total T results should be about 1,345 ng/dL +/-139 ng/dL. Due to the crude nature of this protocol, passing results may vary greatly.



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    We need more of this stuff heavy. Seriously.

    Fuck the naysayers bro. You're doing a service for the community IMO.
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    Great post heavy. I always look forward to seeing your posts. Great information.
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    Good post!
    Got my results today and estrogen was 107. (Started aromasin)
    testosterone had one of these... > 1500 so I guess I'll have to ask for a different test next time so I can see the actual numbers.
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    Thanks brother, I have tried various prods from both these shops and I have researched opinion on several sites. I like PP's Letro, aromasin and the cialis is obviously correct. I'm currently researching the igf-1 lr3 but recent mass spec has it dead on so PP looks to be good at this time.

    M4's other prods also did what they were supposed to. I liked the turinabol and prop from Razak quite a bit.

    Over the last year I have tried some good shops but these two rank high up there.

    Its been interesting to hear negative feedback about research chems but my experiences have largely been positive. ChemOne, ResearchStop, CEM and PP have all performed well for me.

    Anyway, I'm going to move onto some new shops and see how they compare. Do any of you guys want to see a particular shop tested? Also, I would like to see a few trusted vets here do some testing. Maybe we can get a few guys to participate?
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    Where was your E before the letro?
    I was always taught letro was way too harsh just for an on cycle AI and should really just be kept on hand in case of sudden gyno flare up.
    Looks like you hit the nail on the head though. I'd be really interested to see where your E was before you added the letro especially at only 300mg of test.
    like I said mine just came back at 107. On 350mg of test p.
    Are you a especially susceptible?
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    As you know Heavy a pre TT and E-2 would have been optimal for those doubters out there.


    Shit I find "issues" with essentially everything I post, but your straight up IMO.

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    What were you running the test c at?
  9. heavyiron

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    Without an AI I would probably be in the 60's or 70's but my E2 does move around a bit. I have had labs with and without an AI numerous times.

    Letro has a reputation as a very strong AI but frankly it reduces E2 in males about the same as adex or aromasin. Maybe a bit more but not by much.

    At 107 I would definitely treat your E2 brother. Sounds like you are on the right track adding the Aromasin.
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    Thanks for sharing your Lab results!
  11. heavyiron

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    Pre TT would have been about one step lower than the basement is my guess. Last time I went off I was 77ng/dl. TRT for life for me but I do hear you.
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    Thanks Heavy! I appreciate your feedback as always.

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    Thanks bro for sharing, glad to see official bloodwork and actual vials.
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    So is their letro or adex any good guys, anyone run it recently, have gyno need good ai from good rc company, my maxim peptide Adex is no good