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  1. Luisito

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    Hey guysI im a 45yr and I just got my lab results back. I have only done steroids once in my life and this was well over 1 year ago. My testosterone seems to be fine but why is my LH so high?

    I had a the same test done in November and my T was lower but my LH was fine. Im a bit confused.
    I also had a semen test done in November and it was also normal.

    Now the only thing that I have changed in between those 2 labs was that I started NoFab. I have not ejaculated in 40 days prior to last lab.

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  2. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    What is NoFab?
  3. Luisito

    Luisito Junior Member

    Sorry "NoFap" I stopped masturbating to porn. I have not ejaculated in almost 2 months. Im traveling to Colombia on Thurs to see my GF so that will be the 1st load I shoot in a while lol. Maybe I should test again after that ;)

    Any Ideas on why my LH is sooo elevated
  4. Gbro

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    Your must be very uptight right now.
  5. Luisito

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    It has not been easy lol. But my Libido has gone up. Have not felt so horny in many years.
  6. Luisito

    Luisito Junior Member

    Any ideas or is this normal?


  7. msl3862

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    Hey bud. Sorry you're having to worry about this LH level.

    Don't mean to be intrusive but but why are you having this hormone testing done now if you're not cycling? Are you feeling bad? Any headaches or problems with your vision? Any trouble with your nipples? Have you ever had a prolactin level checked?

    Was the semen analysis because of fertility concerns or something else?

    Your no-fap policy is almost certainly not the cause of your elevated LH. Can at least cross that one off the list.

    Ejaculating twice a week is actually good for prostatic health btw.

    Am interested to hear more.

    If you don't have a chance to respond before you leave, have a great trip to Colombia. Sounds like you're going to be busy. After 2 months you definitely have some catching up to do.
  8. Luisito

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    Thanks for the reply,

    I do a hormone test once a year just to make sure everything is working fine. I did a second test this time because the one I did in Nov my T was 468 and Im usually above 500. This last test was 683 but my LH was creazy high so I got concerned.

    As far as how.I feel I feel pretty good. I workout about 4 times a week and I dont drink while im in the States. I will most likely be drinking every weekeen for the next 5 months in Colombia.

    I have never checked my prolactin buy I will as soon as I get to Colombia.

    As far as the semen goes. My girl and I tried a few times and no go. So thats why I got tested but im fine. She went to get tested and turns out ahe has Poly ovaries or aomething. Shes pretty bumbed out.

    Thanks again for the response

  9. msl3862

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    Thanks for the additional info.

    The good news is that your Leydig cells are responsive to the LH since your TT has increased in response to the elevated LH. Since your TT was WNL before though there was no need for your body to increase either your LH or TT levels.

    I'm wondering if there is a problem within your pituitary gland. If it were me I'd measure my prolactin level and recheck my LH and FSH levels. Hopefully the LH level will be lower and the prolactin will be normal. If the prolactin level is high or if the LH level has increased, I'd see an endocrinologist as soon as I could. He or she would probably order an MRI to look at the pituitary.

    If you both want to have a child best of luck for an uncomplicated pregnancy. My niece had fertility issues and it really messed with her self image until she and her husband managed to conceive. You're a good man to be sensitive to what she's going through.

    Hope everything turns out well. Keep us posted.
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  10. Luisito

    Luisito Junior Member

    Thanks man I will