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    Hello everyone,
    I think everyone knows what happened with analyzer, we looking for a good replacement, me as a reshipper also care on checking the quality of the product that I sell.
    A few people asked me to check Jano Lab4tox
    A short explanation
    This year I sent a few vials to analizer without a label and his results were correct on getting what was in what vial.
    To confirm I decided to send the same thing to Jano & Lab4 blind sample
    sent cut mix 300 (mix tp,tren,drost) and tren e 200.

    Jano also received TriDeca Mix 300mg (npp cyp,deka). He confirmed 3 of the substances correct.

    My opinion both of the labs did their job and I will continue on using their services.
    The rest of the results are on my thread.


    tmp_19562-20180706_143305489411144.png tmp_19562-20180706_1432211664130317.png View attachment 93480 tmp_19562-20180706_1428571349390788.png
    tmp_19562-20180706_1430451220898879.png tmp_19562-20180706_14294855391613.png

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    thank you for doing the testing
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    I want to just say thank you as well. Having numerous sources and customers send in samples for blind testing is the only way we can get an idea of what sources are reliable as well as whether testing labs are being truthful.
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    other lab test score
    Sigma Pharmacy
    oxandrolone 9.8mg
    tren ace 105 mg
    tren e 195 mg
    test c 255 mg
    primobolan 95mg
    Cut Mix 340mg

    Androchem Lab
    Tri Deca Mix 295 mg
    Rip 230mg

    alredy shipped more sample ...
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    Thank you for the way you did your testing and going out of your way to help members with making more information available about both options.
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    Good job man! Really that's awesome!
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    How did shipping to lab4tox work? Did you have to tell them the vial had AAS in it?
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    No they didint ask for nothing...shipping to Poland was 40$ sample delivery after 7 days..
    Waiting time was 16 days ... but they are expensive ( Poland have 22% taxe)
    and payment option only bank transfer :(
    +- 1 oil sample was 140$
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    Dam that's a lot of $. Thanks for doing this and sharing.
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    Yeah, lab4 is $400 plus shipping for gh analysis.
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    Great job @NandroXL and thank you very much for investing money in these tests. you confirmed what I say from the beginning, when we started talking about jano. he is reliable as an analysis laboratory. moreover, it seems to me that he also has the best prices on the market. surely it will be useful in this forum. Thank you another time ;)
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    I consider androchem lab the best uk brand. As quality and dosage. indeed, perhaps the only brand uk I would use
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    great job,
    I am also very happy with jano, he is doing a good job and is relatively cheap.
    I also had our products tested in 3 laboratories and the result was also similar.

    Thanks for the great info
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    anybody know how much jano is?
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    NandroXL sticking around for years now and coming through for the community. Thank you for that.
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    $140 ain't too expensive for a source
    If they tested every single Kilo they get (and they should), it's just a 14 cents per gram cost.
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    How do you know which substances can identify and quantify?
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    I mostly just lurk these days to keep up with what’s going on. Thank you @NandroXL for helping out the members testing a way for people to test stuff.
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