LabCorp reference range for IGF1 test - seems low?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Mr Carrots, Feb 25, 2013.

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    Mr Carrots

    Mr Carrots Guest

    I just got back a very low IGF1 result (98) but noticed that labcorp now rates on 69-226

    this is a bit confusing as I've read the range should be up to 400, does this mean labcorp is using a different system of measurement due to their testing protocol or just taking 'normal' as especially low? I had a much higher number last time I was measured a few years back but the reference range for that was higher.

    help appreciated :(
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    idmd Member

    The reference ranges for different labs and different measurement protocols can be very different and for the most part you CAN'T compare different lab results without putting it into the context of the specific labs reference ranges given - THAT'S WHY THEY GIVE THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!
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    Mr Carrots

    Mr Carrots Guest

    thanks for the reply - so a ng/ml result isnt actually an absolute? I should get measured at quest ? When LEF and other sites talk about 300-400 are they using a different scale?

    Is the 223 top number taking into account people in their 70's ? :(

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