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Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by Gunrunner, Dec 10, 2013.

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    Gunrunner Active Member

    Ok, so we know how hard it is to get real Var and the problems that females can have when using some that isn’t legit. It is often substituted with Methyltest, Dbol or Winnie. Not a big problem if you’re a guy but serious issues for a female. Then we see this Steroid test kit from and so I start thinking this is probably worth trying. My wife uses this Var and has no bad sides but she has kept her dose very low.
    So I buy the kit and do some test on some Var and Winnie. I’ve attached some pics that I took with my phone so it is a little hard to see the color but the last one where I’m holding the vial up you can clearly see that it tested as legit Var. I emailed the pics to labmax and he confirmed that the results show real var and he was somewhat surprised that I had a good source. He mentioned in one of his videos that he had to go through five or six sources before he found legit Var that he could develop the test for.

    The Var is on the left and the Winnie is on the right and also tested as legit. You can see the source for the Winnie so I will just mention that the legit Var is from Bio.

    Var Win 2.jpg

    Var Win.jpg

    Var Bio.jpg
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    johnnyBALLZ Awesome Member

    Good stuff Gunz!! Thanks for sharing brother!!
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    Candyskull Junior Member

    I'm curious as to his process for developing the test. Is the reagent specific to the compound being tested, or is it the same for both?

    Also, I'm sure you're reassured your wife isn't going to end up better hung than you are. [:eek:)]
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    Stretch Active Member

    How much did you pay for the test, gun?

    That's pretty cool, I didn't know such a thing existed, I feel pretty dumb for not knowing about it actually.:rolleyes:
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    johnnyBALLZ Awesome Member

    Oh, it's been all the rage while you were away. Astro/Sciroxx var didn't do too well...
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    Raider72 Active Member

    Got me some bio Var I now can't wait to digest! Wonder how Biomex Var (naps) would stack up?
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    fit2beking Junior Member

    Ah hells yeah!!!! Gunn Thanks! And shit Bio is still kicking ass and taking names!!!
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    Hueghe Junior Member

    Man I'm going to have to pick myself up some BL var. Thanks for sharing the results Gun.
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    biggerben69 Well-Known Member

    Nice work, guns. Thanks for going the extra mile. These tests are controversial and for good reason. They can be a sources best friend or worst and most lethal enemy.
    They could make a source a bunch of money or could be the reaper turning out the lights.
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    calvare2 Active Member

    Nice, now I can sleep better at night knowing that the var in my closet is legit.
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    noah_k Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much man! I was keen on doing this myself just for peace of mind, but didn't have the test on hand yet.
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    flenser Well-Known Member

    Nor did one of it's users :D

    The full test kit didn't ship until yesterday, so it might be next week before we know what they really are.
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    BR1217 Active Member

    Thanks Gunrunner! I really appreciate you sharing these results. I have been talking with my wife about some Var but I wasn't sure who had legit Var, don't want my wife running Dbol or Winny! Thanks again!
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    Gunrunner Active Member

    I got the complete test kit which was $250+. The single var/winnie test was about $16 but they sold out of those for now.

    Yeah, I been going Hiezenberg testing this shit:)

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    Kubrick Well-Known Member

    I bought the kit along with another refill kit. I'm testing everything! If it fails, I'll test again to confirm. I know these tests aren't perfect but if my Watson Test works the way it should, all Test Cyp should. I will do this with each compound. The only bummer is there's no Primo Test. I have Primo from 5 different labs right now. This will be fun!
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    ebkallday Well-Known Member

    Thanks Gun. At least now we can say GP winny tabs are G2G. As for Bio, that was a given! Good lookin out!!!!
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    Gunrunner Active Member

    Yeah, I have a couple different Primos in Oils and even some Oral Primo. I think you can run the test and determine if it is something else. I think Primo is often faked with either Test, Deca or Bold. You should be able to narrow it down to one of those or something else. You're like me and want to test everything:)
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    BR1217 Active Member

    I will be purchasing one of these kits straight away! Looks like a great tool! I always assume the worst when it comes to gear so it would be nice to have some confirmation that what I am running is the right compound. I would also recommend everyone run all their gear through a .20 filter before injecting as well. Cant be too safe with your health!
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    Ecstasy Junior Member

    Ive never wanted to buy Var for the simple fact it would be replaced with something like Winstrol. My tendons and joints have already been messed up before. I guess I now know where to get some if I ever wanted it, so thanks for that, Gunrunner.
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    Purge Junior Member

    I'm cynical enough to believe that if the tests catch on, the scammers will turn to counterfeiting the brands that pass... It's an arms race out there.

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