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  1. Analyzer

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    Hello everyone; thank you @mands for introducing me!

    I want to offer my service to this community. I can test almost any kind of sample including AASs, SARMs and peptides for identity, purity and content.
    I am researcher with rich experience in development of analytical methods and I can provide these analyses at highest level of quality, utilizing various spectroscopic and chromatographic methods.
    Analyses are provided for reasonable price in range 40-70 USD per AAS/SARM sample and 100-200 USD per peptide/GH sample, depending on type of analysis and number of samples. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

    In case of interest, please PM me.
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    Welcome to meso @Analyzer. And thanks to you @mands.

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  3. Mighty-mouse

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    Thanks for this and the service. @anyzer I sent ya a pm
  4. RThoads

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    Welcome aboard @Analyzer -- it is always good to have more options!
    thanks for offering services
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  5. pumpingiron22

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  6. mands

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    I would like to mention as everyone probably knows. I have used his services and have been in communication with him for months about his lab, techniques and methods.

    I am confident in his current work.

    As we all know anything and everything can and does happen at MESO. Be safe and be smart.

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  7. mercury

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  8. mands

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    Yuup we all remember that dude. He was testing in the US but that's not what the issue was really was it!?

    These guys were involved in manufacturing and selling steroids.

    Testing samples in another country is a far cry from selling.

    I don't see the relevance of your post. You should be happy about this. You want have to run so many labmax test now. :)

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  9. mercury

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    Being far away from the long hands of FDA provides some safety.

    But it was never told officially why Simec stopped accepting, accept that they are talking to some authorities.

    I have not seen Janoshik for a while, he is running some HPLC, hiding somewhere and all the time paranoid that they will come to get him.

    I was laughing when Mission posted lab results from Janoshik and got busted next few days.

    Two charged in RCMP drug probe
  10. ironwill1951

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    this service has been offered to us, use it or don't but don't criticize unless you have an alternative to make us safer here at meso.
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  11. gr8whitetrukker

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    No one can hide now:mad:
    This is a great service for MESO. Hopefully someday i can contribute
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  12. mercury

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    Simec is the only company I would trust, anybody else hiding in the basement just treat it at your own discretion.
  13. mands

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    All of this has nothing to do with testing! You are posting irrelevant material in a thread started to help MESO members.

    These arrest have to deal with steroid rings and methamphetamines. Again what's the relevance?

    I have a question for you and I will find out the truth. Are you charging members to labmax for them? Are you getting any benefits for testing for any UGL's?

    I'm curious as you are the labmax king?

    Simec can't even get GH testing correct? And you trust them? lol

    You don't have a clue where he is testing and I assure you it's not the basement.

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  14. mercury

    mercury Member

    what makes you think that this guy can get GH testing correct from what you posted and wrote I have doubts

    Simec is accredited lab and this guy ?
  15. Weston

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    Welcome @Analyzer and thank you @mands. This is an incredible resource for safety.
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  16. mands

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    He is from a accredited lab. And I never said he used my standard. You assumed.

    If you want the credentials you can talk to me in private.

  17. mands

    mands Member Supporter

    Maybe you can do a little more research and see what SIMEC put out for GH analysis. They even stated they were not comfortable and haven't been doing GH testing.

    No the facts before stating them.

    Are you going to answer my other question @mercury?

  18. mercury

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    the more you try to explain the deeper you get into the shit hole, discrediting this guy

    then any information about the lab would be welcomed to confirm the credibility

    address, phone number ?
  19. mands

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    He did two different test. First one was not done satisfactory for him. He did another test later. Talk to him about it.

    And answer my other question. I have address, name, phone number, etc. \

    Show me where I stated he used my standard? I'll be waiting.

  20. mercury

    mercury Member

    Sorry mands but you are in deep shit, nothing makes sense

    1. Why does the guy need to do GC/MS if he has standards for HPLC? It does not make sense.

    2. Why he didn't use standard for primobolan for the first test if he has standard available? Just nonsense no lab would work this way.

    3. Or where in the hell can a laboratory get a standard for controlled chemical like primobolan enanthate over 3 working days? One of them being Good Friday holiday.