Labs are in: Fast recovery...but expected more?

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    These labs were taken midway through my pct. How do these look?
    PCT began 1 week after 5 weeks of Test Prop at 240mg EOD and Var. Labs were taken 14 days later (21 days exactly since last test prop dose).

    I know these labs were taken early in the PCT, but why is my LH so high but my TT in the normal range? I would have expected TT to be at the top of the range. But I guess the good news is I'm back to normal failry quickly. Should I continue the 2 more weeks of PCT or call it a day?

    PCT: 4 weeks of nolva/clomid at 20/50 per day

    TT: 455-486 ng/dL (range of 2 labs, reference range: 240-950)
    FT: 16 (9-30)
    LH: 4.7 (1.5-9.3)
    E2: 31 (<39.8)
    SHBG: 27
    Cholestorol: 161 (140-200)

    Today's Labs (PCT)
    TT: 430 ng/dL
    FT: 14 (9-30)
    LH: 10.8 (1.5-9.3)
    E2: 36 (<39.8)
    SHBG: 30
    Cholesterol: 160 (140-200)
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  2. youngBuilder

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    Should I continue the pct?
    Do these labs look normal despite high LH?
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    Yes, finish your PCT.. LH is high from the SERMS..
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    Edit: read your post wrong, disregard
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    JB is spot on about your LH being high from the SERMs. This is what you want, a kick start to get your natty test back up to speed. Personally, at this point I would drop the clomid and finish the pct with nolva and the last week just do 10mg.
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