Lactating Gyno

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Mathg44, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Mathg44

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    Hey guys,

    I've been of cycle for over a year (500mg NPP + 500mg TP) and have developed mild gyno. It never bothered me that much, but recently I squeezed the swollen gland under my nipples and liquid is coming out of both sides.

    Is it possible that my prolactin is still high?

  2. puckhog

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    Go get bloods done sir. And stop taking drugs.
  3. Turbo charged

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    When taking juice unless your one of the lucky ones gyno is almost certain in some way or form. Sounds like prolactin gyno blast some vitamin b6 at 600 mgs see if that helps after 2 or 3 weeks.
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    Worst case get your hands on some caber ASAP!
  5. BIG74

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    I actually had this happen as well while running tren E @ 500 mgs wk, my prolactin test result was elevated. I used caber, 0.5 mg every 3 days for 3 weeks. After that i used 0.5 mg 1x a week for rest of cycle.
  6. Dr JIM

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    Oh another lactating noob!

    First your complaint has NOTHING to do with PROLACTIN but is the result of TIT SQUEEZING

    So here’s some advice STOP SQUEEZING YOUR TITS, cease the “cycle”, and hang up the pin at least until you understand
    WTH you’re doing, and WHY.
  7. Mathg44

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    My bad, I meant I've been OFF cycle for a year.

    I would have guessed that prolactin can't stay elevated more than a year after a cycle... right?
  8. bubblebuddy

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    Is it really that uncommon to not be estrogen sensitive? I literally have 0 problems with gyno no matter what or how much I pin.
  9. Oldschool

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    I don't think it is uncommon but your sensitivity to estrogen can change. Rather abruptly I might add. At least it has in my experience.
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  11. Turbo charged

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    gyno sneaks up on you sometimes when your on or off the juice some never really have a issue. But many do and they fight and fight it but in the end after years of fighting it's time for surgery. I was tired of it 4th day post surgery now had fatty gyno had vaser lipo and glands removed wasn't that bad to the naked eyes of others but it bothered me to death. No matter how big I got 19 inch arms huge shoulders my eyes would always revert back to the little sag I had under my chest drove me fucking nuts. Healing now.
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    I need to see a picture of these babies!
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