Larry Wheels new world record @275

Discussion in 'Powerlifting Forum' started by Esjb007, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. Esjb007

    Esjb007 Member

    Anyone who didn't see this Mr. wheels just broke Stan’s old world record in the 275lb class. 2275lb a monster.

  2. He has become such a well rounded lifter. Really curious to see where he is at in wraps. Couple good training cycles with wraps, and stays healthy, I bet he squats close to 900. And may deadlift close to 9 too.
  3. Robin Karlsson

    Robin Karlsson Junior Member

    I hope he gets really far.
  4. Skull

    Skull Member Supporter

    Dudes a beast in every aspect of it. I like watching his lifts. He uses my maxes as very light looking warm ups lmfao while smfdh:D You know a mofo is strong when they can take something that you know without a doubt is heavy as fuck an make it look light as a feather js:cool:
  5. Docd187123

    Docd187123 Member

    He's fun to watch.
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  6. Johnny442

    Johnny442 Member

    Strong kid, Very impressive!
  7. Esjb007

    Esjb007 Member

    And now of course he’s doing bodybuilding :confused: but he did bench 225 for 57 reps!!
  8. RandallNowan

    RandallNowan Member Supporter

    He's a fucking machine
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  9. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

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  10. RandallNowan

    RandallNowan Member Supporter

    How the fuck does anyone grip and rip that much?
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  11. Skull

    Skull Member Supporter

    Dont know if hes mad about it or happy lol. Man that dude is a beast. I couldn't pull that shit even if i was Phil Heath wearin straps bahahaha
    ......Beast Mode On.......
  12. Esjb007

    Esjb007 Member

    Looks like the tren version of happy lol
  13. Kakarot

    Kakarot Member Supporter

    I just make funny sex noises during deads. That's why I do them at night or early am when nobody is there;)
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  14. Esjb007

    Esjb007 Member

    Anyone that follows powerlifting motivations page on Facebook, check out the video they just shared of Larry. 900lb deadlift followed by a fuck load of screaming and flexing lol
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  15. big unit

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    The guy is a beast. Incredible power and strength.
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  16. AnTabolic73

    AnTabolic73 Member

    He just pulled 900. Made it look easy too.

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  17. Esjb007

    Esjb007 Member

    Back at it again

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  18. nkosibaas

    nkosibaas Member

    Some impressive lifts but dude but likes to take trips to good 'ol #snapcity when it counts. Hopefully this year will be his year at the US Open. I'll be really impressed by him if he can stay healthy while competing for a few years and not crash from the insane amounts of gear he runs in his early 20's. Doesn't seem sustainable.

    ...I'll be there :) I live in San Diego and my coach has mad free passes. Also because 3 guys from our team are competing and I train at Gracie's gym (CETC - Gracie runs the meet).
  19. Esjb007

    Esjb007 Member

    As far as I know his only injury has been a quad tendon tear last year. Shit dan green tore his and just fucked his bicep up. Evan centopani tore his a year or so ago also slipping on ice. Shit happens man and it seems like a common injury unfortunately but they all bounce back. Larry probably only runs 500mg of test and some dbol anyway :rolleyes:
  20. Kakarot

    Kakarot Member Supporter

    Who knows man it could be a lot less than we think. Either way dudes insanely gifted. I'd bet money he's probably running less than Eddie
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