Late 30s haven't juiced in 8 years... curious about primo

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by jtmarlin, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. jtmarlin

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    Hi guys. I haven't juiced in close to 10 years but did so off and only for 5 years in my 20s. I have tried some of the compounds, test, deca, dbol, EQ... have never tried primo. I'm kind of worried at this point in my life about bad side effects. I tolerate dbol very well. Could I do a low dose dbol kicker with a primo only cycle? My natural levels of test are normal in the mid 500s, even after 5 years of heavy use many years ago. Something like

    weeks 1-4 Dbol 20mg per day
    weeks 1-10 Primo 300mg EW

    I'm not opposed to adding something like 200-250mg of test PW. Has anyone done primo without test? Is this a bad idea? I'm not looking for anything crazy... although I know the dbol will work pretty well for me. Thoughts? Also could I just use a simple tamoxifen pct for this?
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  3. murray312

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    Prob not worth the money to run primo at that low of a dose without test. What is your reasoning to run primo instead of test, I'm interested in what you read. Maybe with a test base but it's still a low dose of primo.
  4. Tmisatix

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  5. Andrew Rutter

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    Have you ever considered TRT? What're your plans after your cycle, to keep cycling on and off? I hate clomid and how it made me feel, but you're probably best off running it post cycle if you hope to recover properly. I'd also run hcg 250iu 2x per week throughout the cycle too.
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  6. Iron Frenchie

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    Primo alone there would be no estrogen. You’ll feel like shit. You could run 5-10mg dbol and run it the whole cycle. But the best substance for this is test. Just 100mg will be enough. Maybe hcg? @master.on would know more about that too.
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  7. Tmisatix

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    wouldn’t the bigger concern be overall testosterone suppression since primo is not directly lowering estrogen ? If he’s got a dbol in there I think he’d be okay with estrogen. I could see this argument if he ran an AI with only a dht in his system though. I’m interested in 70s based cycles. Another alternative could be nandrolone and primo and or, eq/primo

    I understand that without test in your system , you won’t be converting to estro and having a DHT would throw off the androgen to estrogen balance.
  8. gearwolf

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    TRT test + 400-600mg primo + 2-3iu hgh is my favourite cycle by far for non-competing BB and can be run year round really. shopping properly with sources here it's not even that expensive.
  9. genixcon

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    I believe in long primo cycles. 14 weeks or more
  10. jtmarlin

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    My plans would be to do one cycle per year of roughly 10 weeks. Basically to stay as muscular as I can by holding onto muscle from my yearly cycle. My natural total test levels are normal right now and I'd like to be able to keep them that way, so as for the TRT route, I'd prefer not to at this time. I'd like to have another child.
  11. G.I. Bro

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    Agreed. But what brands of primo and generic gh do you trust though? That's a slippery slope.
  12. jtmarlin

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    This was along the lines of my first idea. I'd prefer to stick entirely to pharma grade materials. Leaving out the HGH and I'm assuming for that kind of cycle we are at 70 dollars a week or 3-4k per year. I'm not ready to run compounds year round.

    What if I ran a 250 amp of test and 300mg primo? Am I even going to notice the primo? The sides I experienced running relatively heavy test cycles in the past were some minor hair loss and elevated PSA numbers (which returned to normal when I stopped) I was shooting 750mg sustanon and 400 deca per week at the most.
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  13. Andrew Rutter

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    I think that's a smart approach. Only just seen your test levels are in the 500s, which is great! What did you usually do for pct back in your 20s? You should probably continue to do that if you managed to recover successfully so far.
  14. jtmarlin

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    Recovery wasn't always so successful. When I adhered to time on time off with a tamoxifen PCT things were fine. When I threw that out the window at the end and stayed on for over a years, wasn't so easy. I was burnt out from gear. I used hcg and tamoxifen and it didn't work. So I said f it I am not going to take anything and it actually took few years but my levels eventually came back and I don't really know why that happened.
  15. gearwolf

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    personally been running hilma biocare's primo for what must be 4-5 months now and godtropin for 3-4 months - labwork/bloodwork and benefits all look spot on and I couldn't be happier.

    those obsessed with pharmacy products/'grade' are living in the past in my opinion.
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  16. genixcon

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    I agree. It's to easy to test now. We live in a day where you can get hgh at a reasonable rate.
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  17. Test_Subject

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    300mg of primo without test is going to do precisely nothing. Don't do it.

    I wouldn't be surprised if you actually lose muscle mass from being shut down.
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  18. mands

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    I agree with @Test_Subject.

    Why suppress your natural test levels to run such a low dose of primo or even run any amount of primo without test for that matter.

    What's you current stats @jtmarlin ? I highly doubt your body fat percentage would allow you to see any benefits from the Primo at all. I could be wrong thought. You might be in the lower teens.

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  19. Silentlemon1011

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    That's just not enough Primo
    ESPECIALLY if you're not running Test.

    Sure the old school guys sometimes own the Dbol to keep estrogen up without a Test base, but that's the past brother.

    You're obviously not on TRT, so just run a nice light cycle
    Maybe 500ish Test with 500ish Primo.
    Nice clean and feel good cycle.

    Add some Proviron in there for SHBG and you'll be feeling good.

    However.... stats?
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  20. gearwolf

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    You don't need proviron, primo takes care of that (based on my bloodwork anyways)
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