Latin America is so shitty because of all the ARAB genes the spaniards brough with them?

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    Sí, hay musulmanes en todas partes hoy. no especificó ningún período de tiempo. por favor dime donde alguna vez dije que Brasil era español? Esperaré lol
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    estás hablando con un ciudadano del Líbano y los EU. sé la diferencia entre árabes y musulmanes.
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    I never said that Hispanic countries are muslims. Probably even less than 1% of the population are muslim.

    I meant that many dark-skinned hispanics look like Arabs, pre-Columbian natives just don't look anything like that, blonde spaniards don't look like that either,
    so the only plausible explanation is that some spaniard conquerors were arab-like.
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    Well, the Spanish had their interaction with the Moors for a long time, and they finally kicked out the Mussies in 1492 (the fall of Granada) - so there should be a good number of black/berber genetics among the Spaniards.

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    The country with the largest proven oil reserves of them all: Venezuela
    Oil reserves in Venezuela - Wikipedia

    Has people digging trash to get something to eat

    Even soldiers are eating trash
    Even Soldiers Are Eating From The Trash In The Socialist Utopia of Venezuela
    they even eat zoo animals
    Venezuela's Starving People Are Now Eating The Zoo Animals - The Parisians Had The German Excuse

    Q: How is it even possible?
    A: They're too dumb and lazy too work hard themselves, so they pretend to make a living by seizing from the rich (No offense, that's just the way it is).

    Seizing from the rich instead of working hard?
    Were did we hear that before?


    Not even those below $18,550/yr geat a tax cut!

    Free handouts for the lazy
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    Venezuela has extremely sulphuric crude not sweet Brent crude. Takes a lot of catalysts to crack that into something useful. Which is expensive.

    Their fucked up Latin ways, what with nationalizing foreign owned assets, and general lack of property rights, has kept anyone from investing in the shithole.

    Bernie Sanders type free shit populism and kleptocracy has taken care of the rest. They're fucked forever.
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    About only America has refineries that can handle such sulfurous crude.
    And they are harassing their ONLY customer = very dumb.

    At least there's some hope
    Many people ask their most powerful businessman to run for president
    Venezuela's Most Powerful Businessman Could Run for President
    A New Hope for Venezuela’s Opposition?
    while the upcoming election is rigged and he declined participating
    Maybe the next election?

    A true businessman for president? That's the recipe for success, just watch America.
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    I've trained employees at what used to be Venezuela's main US refinery. That refinery closed because of EPA harassment and local extortion (USVI).
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    And I’m sure their attitude as of late towards A certain nation-State has had nothing to do with their exportation of oil into the USA — that would be paranoid conspiracy thinking, correct?
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    Israel? You managed to get Israel into this?

    Yeah, you answered your own question.
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    To further prove my point just take a look at Venezuela dictators

    Nicholas maduro totally looks like an arab dictator

    compare that to Chavez
    which looks like a pre-Columbian native in turn.
  12. No. Latin American countries are not behind because of race. The 2 major reasons are 1)They've been continually destabilized by major superpowers and 2) having over and over elected socialist type goverments.
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    1 They've been destabilized by superpowers because they're too lazy to take advantage of the total PARADISE they got from God and mother nature.
    Therefore superpowers aim to steal what they won't put to good use.

    2 They elect socialist gov'ts because they're too lazy to work themselves
    therefore they aim to make a living by just "seizing from the rich".

  14. When America was “discovered” that in itself is laughable.

    And what exactly were the class of people on those ships that were running away from mother England? Butcher, maybe?

    I ain’t no Arab, but I ain’t never met a “lazy” Arab in my life.

    @master.on what exactly are you?
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    An idiot for all intents and purposes.
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  16. Clearly the west/white are the superior race.

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  17. It’s been 242 years since America became independent (that says a lot) and your still riding on Euro dick?
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    The reasons why it’s so shitty are because the people of origin aren’t on the same level evolutionarily as us, and the US and other countries have shoved our dicks into all of their revolutions and political change putting dictator after dictator into power causing shitshow after shitshow
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    Yes I agree, most Latin American country are very racist, I think only Cuba embrace African culture, Dominican Republic is one the countries with biggest African population and they hate the African roots and think white is better
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    Dozens of caravans, each with tens of thousands of people heading for the US.

    Democrats view them as free extra voters.

    Trump views them as a chance to get the Army to the border, and stop most drugs from coming in.

    I view it as a challenge to prevent the gene pool and average IQ from dropping