"lean and mean"

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  1. Lewispenn2017

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    hey guys,
    looking for some heads up/advice

    just wondering what people think to the cycle im currently on at the minute its a blend called lean and mean
    100mg test prop
    100mg mast enanthate
    100mg tren enanthate
    total = 300mg

    i curently on 1ml every mon wed and fri, take half a tab of adex eod too to stay on safe side.
    its my first time using tren, but iv read up a lot of people get night sweats, insomina ect not had anything like it yet just finished my second week
    whats people think
  2. grey

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    The mix of the sort Test ester with the longer esters is odd, so is the masteron dose compared to the tren load.

    Leand and mean.PNG

    Ends up being a weird mix of steady state mast/tren (in equal dose) and wacky spikes of Test.
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  3. Apexvallen

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    Theres nothing intrinsically wrong with mixing esters, although pinning test ED would make it more stable, you're probably not at the level where it will make much of a difference in terms of gains but you'll basically become a pin cushion.. Plenty of people use prop ED, but not so many EoD I've noticed.
    Remember you don't get the benefit of starting pct quickly cos the enan compounds are still hanging around.
  4. Lewispenn2017

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    sorry i got the wrong blend info what im on let me start again for god sake,
    50mg test prop
    50mg mast prop
    50mg trenbolone hex
    = 150mg
    1ml mon wed fri
  5. Lewispenn2017

    Lewispenn2017 Junior Member

    sorry i got the wrong blend info guys i look like a right bellend now haha
  6. Test_Subject

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    I was going to say, that's the most fuckey blend that I've ever seen, lol.

    The doses that you're using are really low, but try it out and see how it works I guess. Individually, any of those doses wouldn't do much of anything.
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  7. grey

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    I like low dose tren, but that is very low and the masteron is almost certainly doing very little at that level.

    Very odd mix.
  8. Max562

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    I run e.o.d. throughout my cycle..taking the weekend off fucks with my head
  9. hurricane

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    I'm going with @Test_Subject on this one. IMO that mast dose is a complete waste. 150mg of mast a week?? No benefit. And while I'm all for low dose tren 150mg is really low. I'm really not sure why you'd run this. 150mg of each compound a week?? Sorry but don't expect much from this cycle.
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  10. TruEnuff

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    I think he only bought 1 vial.. gotta make it last right lol
  11. Is it a blend vial with test tren mast?

    Will give you good results if you are less than 200pounds. Start with a QUARTER pill (.25mg) of arimidex per week. Wait a full week before starting arimidex when your estrogen start to increase.
    A quarter pill of arimidex .25mg twice a week might be too much.

    How much you weight?
  12. Lewispenn2017

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    yeah its a blend vial from med tech, if you guys goodle lean and mean med tech youll see it, pick 3 vials up for 120 quid, thinking if upping my dosage what would you guys recommend dosage wise ? i dont mind putting up with the side but when you pay a lot of money for a cycle i want the best out of it lol
    im 6ft 1 and around 196lbs with 12%bf
  13. Looks good. 300mg each per week.
    The only thing is you taking too much arimidex. Almost a gram of gear per week.

    YOU KNOW WHAT: I won't run arimidex at 300 test a week when stacked with tren and mast. They both have slight anti aromatase properties.

    DO NOT RUN ARIMIDEX AT ALL at 300/week unless you notice excess water retention or nipple sensitivity.

    If you run hcg or you increase dosages to 400+ then you will need arimidex at .25 twice a week.

    500mg test/week .5mg arimidex every 4 days
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