Lean enough to bulk?

Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Forum' started by Jankauskas, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. Jankauskas

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    Did a 4 week mini cut after a 8 week bulk. Looking to add some more mass, should I go lower?

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  2. JackSmooth

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    Bulk and cut the fat on the back end.
    Lookin solid
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  3. Xlgx

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    Imo bulk no. Above calorie maintenance. Yes!!!
  4. Eman

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    Lol, what? What's the difference?
  5. Xlgx

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    Exactly!!! You dig?!?! ;)
  6. You are looking great buddy. I would do a slow controlled bulk maybe at ~250Kcal above caloric maintenance to control the fat gain.

    Would you mind sharing your body/lifting stats and your cycle if you are currently on one?
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  7. Jankauskas

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    I’m 6’1, between 212 and 213 pounds. Currently doing test e 750 and tren e 600 mg/w.
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  8. big unit

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    Eat, eat, eat!!!!!

    Looking very good by the way...
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  9. Jankauskas

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    Thanks man, I’m gonna focus on adding mass to my upper body. Thinking of doing John meadows’s taskmaster program, I’ll do a back block, then an arm block, then either back again or a chest and shoulders block depending on how my back looks. Still a lot of work to do.
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  10. elitesales305

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    eat more.. just clean.. lookin sharp.
  11. Demondosage

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    I hate the word "bulk", think of it as DEVELOPMENT , you're looking sharp, if there was one constructive critique I could give it would be to bring up the back more so it matches the front. Deads, rows, wide grip pullups. Food, food, food!!! But looking great nonetheless man!!!
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  12. John Meadows says that when bulking that you should still try your best to stay lean and not pick upalot of fat because he says that when its time to cut that most muscle will just fall off with the fat. He says that you need to bulk smart, so that even if it takes you longer to gain weight, your gains will be completely genuine.
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