Lean out before 1st cycle?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by buffhottie, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. buffhottie

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    Hey there:)
    I am female and I will be doing my first cycle of var. I have been reading obsesively on the forums. Soon as I get back from vacation this next week. I am starting
    Question: Should I get as trim as poss before I start my var cycle? I have noticed some women(people) have done this. I know that after a show I am extremely strong a week or two after a show when my body is rebounding. I usually end up adding to my muscle base during this time. Would it be good for me to use some clen, cut the carbs, up the cardio and get my BF down first?
    My BF is not too bad (18%) but I could certainly get it down to more like 12% or so if it would help out my first var cycle. Since it will be my very first cycle, I really want to milk it for all it's worth and maximize the opportunity for me to put on muscle/strength/size.
    What do you think?

  2. Deacon

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    I think you could go either way depending on how high your BF is now - if you are only talking about being maybe 15% now or in that range I would say not to worry and run your cycle
    If you are talking about being 20% or more you should lean out some more first

    In your case at 18% I really think you could go eitehr way - the var will also help you to lean out some by changing fat to muscle
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    It all depends... oh and first off... You cant change FAT into MUSCLE... just had to say that...

    When Im leaner and when I cycle I find that I see the results of the cycle a lot sooner than if I were at a higher BF%... this helps with the psychological motivation factor <--- BIG PART OF EVERYTHING. You will grow regardless though. I like your plan to drop the BF% to 12... Mostly because when im leaner (for some reason I just dont understand) I am stronger. I am also happier with how I look when im leaner which leads to an overall better sense of self/being.

    Whatever the case, Lets see some pictures! :)

    Good luck and if you have any questions please feel free to PM me.

  4. buffhottie

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    Thanks for the input guys. I have decided I am going to drop a little luggage before starting. It will help me to get my diet in check before I start. I haven't been eating as well as I could and I , of course, need to get that inline before I start. I think I will get down to about 118 which for me generally means below 15% BF and then I will get going on my cycle.
    I am excited to see what my first ever cycle will do for me. That is when your supposed to get the best gains. The first time, right?
    I feel like a crack whore waiting for a fix:D

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    I truly believe in leaning out before massing up. I feel that it is easier and even benefits your cycle when you are trying to gain lean hard mass.

    For me personally in the past I had a harder time keeping hard earned gains from lean mass gains after cycle and then tried to diet away excess fat.

    That is why I am on a 8 week leaning out cycle now and then take 4 weeks off and then start another cycle where I plan to gain about 11-15lbs of hard rock lean mass and some incredible increase in strength gains.
  6. buffhottie

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    For me personally in the past I had a harder time keeping hard earned gains from lean mass gains after cycle and then tried to diet away excess fat.

    I thought about that. I don't want to have to 'diet' after my cycle because no matter how dilligent you are with your diet you always end up sacrificing some muscle. I guess I would rather start my cycle when I am really lean and my body is 'wanting' to put on the muscle.

    I will have to start trimming down. The var cycle will be my 'reward' for being so clean with my eating and getting my BF down.