Left Nipple is Normal, Right Is Hard

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Soloshino, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. Soloshino

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    Usually, both of them are both normal, but for the past few days I've had the above situation.

    About a week ago, my nipples started to feel sore and itchy, but it went away by itself.

    I am taking test e 500mg/week and on week 3.
  2. fastasf

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    Get blood work. Sounds like elevated E2. You don't want to let it get out of hand and end up with gyno.
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  3. Ozzy619

    Ozzy619 Member

    Are you using an AI?
  4. Soloshino

    Soloshino Member

    Nope. I was considering it when I felt the sore nipples, but it went away.

    By the way, I checked a few minutes ago and my nipples were normal then. Hopefully, this will go away. If it continues, I'll start the AI.
  5. Ozzy619

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    You should start the AI before the onset of gyno symptoms. It's only going to get worse so start taking it now. Which AI do you have?
  6. Whoremoans

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    Sky high estrogen is unhealthy in males. That alone should be enough reason for everyone to run an AI on cycle. The you have gyno which is a scary fucking side.
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  7. If I feel sore or itchy I immediately hop on nolvadex.
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  8. Robfromga

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    Why do people run cycles w/o supports?
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  9. Big_poppa_Bren

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    Start the AI now....... You have already let it go too far.

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  10. Damn man why you gotta upload that picture of me?
  11. FlexOnEm

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    Your most likely just being paranoid. it happens to me all the time haha. But keep an eye on it. And get a AI.
  12. Ozzy619

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    Solid fucking advice. Eroids has some new openings. Come back when you don't give shit advice.
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  13. boodecarlo

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    It's good to have you back around. The herd needs thinning ;)
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  14. Ozzy619

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    Thanks man. I try and not be a dick but can't tolerate some of the bad advice I've been reading here lately. Not that it's a good thing per say, but new guys used to be afraid to post. It made them do a lot of reading before posting bullshit. I know I read my ass off before I gave any advice ever. I still pm guys when I have a question if I'm not sure of the answer. But yes, we should call out guys for giving dangerous advice and I could care less if they leave for good.
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  15. boodecarlo

    boodecarlo Member

    I definitely agree. I studied & still study now. Some of the shit posted lately is dangerous bullshit. What worries me is the newer guys who don't know any better could take this stupid advice & fuck themselves up.
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  16. PenisSurfer

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    try using a clit pump on your left nip to increase thickness
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  17. PenisSurfer

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    JK you should really do a female hormone blood panel at privatelabsmd dot com. Your estrogen could be too high or too low even if your nips feel fine. Nip firmness is not a good way to measure estrogen. You should measure estrogen on cycle a bunch until you know how your body reacts. Ai dosage really varies from person to person
  18. Ozzy619

    Ozzy619 Member

    That's the best response I've ever read from a female member before. I like you :)
  19. Thafuk

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    If you sleep on your side all the Estrogen goes to the side down...