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    I running a log using Legend Anavar that i have prevously ran lab max testing on that was a pass. I then picked up 5 more bags of Legend var, when they came i realized the lot number was different so i made sure to test this batch also.

    I made sure to document the process in a detailed mannor.

    Legend Anavar

    This test indicates a pass for Anavar.

    I also took a video at the 15 min mark that i will attempt to get online for us.

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    bad post. I need to find a way to show the link of the vid without exposing my self.
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    You mean like Brett Favre? If so, then yes, please find a way to avoid exposing yourself in the vid.
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    A southern boy like Brett could not figure out how to do the dance on broadway.

    I got that shit down ;)
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    Thanks for the lab max test bro.I am getting some stuff from them but hearing mixed reviews.Guess gonna give them a try.
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    Nvm Forrest I found it.
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    every ugl Anavar is either totally bunk or severally underdosed.. dont bother buying ugl anavar atm..
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    Hasn't the Legend Anavar Passed every test we ran on it so far? I know it seems too good to be true, but If I see another pass, I'm stocking up....
  9. Capt Forest

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    Hey i just sent that same var to be ms tested. The results should be in soon
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    Any results yet captn?
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