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Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by Capt Forest, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. Capt Forest

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    This Anavar is as good as it gets. 100% pure. I am now working on hooking up with a tester that can test for concentration.

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  2. Capt Forest

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    @MythotiK if you are able to test for concentration i would love to send this product out to you.
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  3. core1

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    That's great news. I'm so glad that for many reasons. 1.i have a shit Load of Legend gear (and I do love it). 2. I think Anton is a solid dude, along with the reps. 3. I've ran multiple Legend compounds with good results and just hate to see them get a shitty rep because of a bunch of bandwagon haters. Ultimately all these tests are questionable. You just can't be 100%. The raws are really the issue here. You just don't know what it is or the purity and testing is not a sure thing. Between different batches and raws that are used for each. Not to mention the chemist making the Brew. You just have to just try for yourself and get regular bloodwork to at least determine if you have quality testosterone.
    This is why I stick with raws from a source I trust and have used with good results. Of course this is the best thing to do if you can.
    If you know enough about what your raw powders are suppose to look, snell, feel, melting point, etc. You have a better chance of getting what you pay for. You can also adjust if you suspect a k all of purity.
    I've been very successful lately using these simple methods. You could also use common side effects to help determine what compound you are taking. For instance, tren cough, BP, appetite, bloating (sometimes), etc. Not perfect, but it does help.
    It's sad they we have to do this. But if you're not buying strictly HG then we don't have many options. Even then, who knows. For the amount I spend on raws, and the success I've had witb UGL gear, this is what I will continue to do. Thanks Legend and
    thanks for doing this guy's.
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  4. mercury

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    it is another test done by somebody who is not trained to do this. If it is 100% pure then it means that there is nothing else inside only anavar. If it was 99% pure then it means that the sample contains 99% of anavar and 1% of something else.

    100% pure is not possible even the best purified anavar coming from factory is around 99%

    Just by looking at the peaks there is a lot of other junk inside.

    If you need good test you need to go to accredited lab, it cannot be done by some student in the basement even if he has the most expensive GC/MS
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  5. johnnyBALLZ

    johnnyBALLZ Member

    Yea, ok guy.. ^^

    Appreciate you coming out of pocket to pay for these tests Capt. Forest but Angus' tests are highly questionable.. Maybe someone smarter than me can explain..
  6. mercury

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    it always wonder why would somebody like Angus come out of the shadows to run tests for which he has no personal gains unless he is LE collecting information who is sending and what.

    the guy is in a lot of risk if people are sending controlled substances to his address unless the is above law because he is LE
  7. johnnyBALLZ

    johnnyBALLZ Member

    I don't know about all that but to those that understand what these tests SHOULD look like they don't make sense..
  8. MythotiK

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    For the record Angus is using a brand new lab for testing, they are legit...He is working with them on getting mg/ml for finished products....
  9. Capt Forest

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    Np its all for the community.
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  10. core1

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    Hey JB, be my guest and rip me and anyone else who doesn't follow you and your brilliant decision making. I'm sure all the gear you use has been tested for quality and purity before you use it?
    I will continue to use my Legend gear with huge success... I love the Test E, Test C, NPP, ND, Dbol and tren. I've been in this game for over 20 years and have plenty of experience with Pharma grade gear and this stuff is comparable in results. In fact, a lot less PIP also.
    So go ahead and do what you do.
  11. johnnyBALLZ

    johnnyBALLZ Member

    Not in much of a ripping mood.. A lot of folks here are less than pleased with legend and Anton..

    Smells a little shilly in here.. :)
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  12. xupc

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    I dont know about legend pharmaceuticals.. but angus is one dodgy mofo. I would NOT trust anything he says.
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  13. Xodusforever

    Xodusforever Member

    I don't see jb ripping on anyone. If those are legit tests (results are faked easily) and you have a legit clean, authentic product - you lost all credibility the moment 100% pure left those finger tips.

    That's part of building a con and you and I both know it.

    Anyone with any lab experience will tell you 100% simply isn't feasible. The moment you unscrew the top or draw it up into a syringe, there are impurities. .99, .999 are feasible purity levels. .9999 and beyond lose those impurity levels if not stored in the right device under optimal conditions rather quickly.
  14. brutus79

    brutus79 Member

    You are stating this purity based on what? Can you grace us with your explanation of what is illustrated here so we can be as confident in these findings as you?
  15. brutus79

    brutus79 Member

    Why would this be news if you are already so confident in his gear with your multi decade experience and intimate knowledge of anton and his products? This should simply be an affirmation of what you deem factual...

    Its news to us because Anton has proved to be a scamming piece of shit playing the cheap prices for underdosed gear game. The best thing you can do for him (even though I expect you are him or know him personally) is shut the fuck up. You are not a contributor here, therefore your opinion means a little bit of jack and a little bit of shit.
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  16. Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    What are u talking about? That's an HPLC analysis and the CONCENTRATION is determined using THAT SPECIFIC TEST.

    Angus at the very least the HPLC standard is:

    1) to post the UVWL that was used to obtain an absorbance of X.

    2) specifically mention which solvents were used for the mobile and stationary phase

    3) explain the basis of your purity analysis

    4) explain what test was used to determine the sample being analyzed was indeed VAR, bc it damn sure was NOT the MS you posted since it reveals considerable contamination!

    5) a brief conclusion supported by the analysis ALONE

    6) finally if your going to assert
    such sloppy work meets the analytical standard, locate other suckers outside of Meso
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  17. Burrr

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    Whatever you say quack man.

  18. Wow! What a constructive and informative post! I love the way you elucidate your points.
  19. Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    I guess my "ego" prevents me from patting scammers on the back.

    My apologies I guess you were referring to the "ego" problem Brutus has also.

    Hmm CBS are you suggesting there is to damn much testosterone on Meso :)

    Nope it's neither actually! It's Burr whom I've had on my ignore list for quite some time.

    I mean after all he's proven his posts aren't worth reading, for sure!

    Speak up Burr I can't hear you, :)
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  20. Capt Forest

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    I cant answer your questions. I believe it because it confirms both of my labmax tests.

    Has it crossed my mind that angus contacted legend and was paid off yeah.
    I am looking for another tester to send the var out to. I mentioned that in the op.

    This is the best i have to go on. I think its reliable my exp on the var was what should be expected it passed 2 of my labmax tests and then a great ms. I am willing to say its gtg.

    also if its good enough for MythotiK its good enough for me.