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    I had been using legend sust for 61 days at the time the blood was taken. I would inject 1 ml (250mg sust) on Monday and then again on Thursday. That makes 500mg each week. The injections took place upon waking up.

    The blood was taken friday at 10am. The last injection before the blood was taken was Thursday at around 9am. Blood was taken on day 61 last pin was day 60.

    You guys can follow my log of the product here https://thinksteroids.com/community/threads/forests-cycle-4-school-show-7-7-9-13.134356718/

    I log the entire process.

    Now seeing the results i am furious. 1471 Total Test is fucking unexceptable!

    I will post the lot number on the gear when i get back home

    I hope that this serves as a warning to anyone else that might be sucked in by the price of the gear.

    I posted this out in the open befor speaking to any one from legend. The community desereves to see this. Although many already knew I just had to learn the hard way.

    I was also running:
    MJR exemastane - The e2 seems to be in check along with the high free t i would say its alright
    MJR t3 - The levels are up to about what i would expect from 50 - 75mcg ed.

    I would also like to hear opinions on the e2 and t3.

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    I think it's dosed at 1/3. Just enough to pass labmax
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    Wow complete garbage
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    I just bet shamrock and his gun name stealing labs buy raws from legend...

    Douchebag Labs

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    Good info. Add another lab to the shit list.
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    this labs been on that list for quite some time now. Just took me a bit longer to catch on
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    Did you bring it up to Anton?
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    I would ask them to take a flying fuck, but that's just me. I would not put 25% gear in my body knowingly. Who the fuck knows what else is in there.
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    Not to jump on the good Capt's post, but ask "shamrock" how he does it!!!! EXACT same thing!!!