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Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by Capt Forest, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. Capt Forest

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    I did not run this stuff personaly. I had and old room mate run the sust and a friend run the test e.

    First the sust which we already know was trash cause of the bloods i posted. But the legend rep over on asf told me that i ran the sust wrong and it needs to be ran mwf to get proper results.

    The sust was ran by Bobby for 6 weeks at 525mg e/w split into mwf injections of 175mg. The results are actully worse then the ones i posted (1471 total test) That might be attributed to the aromisin i was taking that bobby was not.

    Sust bloobs.jpg

    The test e was ran but a friend from the gym i told him i would pay for his bloods after 4 weeks at 500 e/w split 250mg sunday thursday. His results also suck ass.
    test e bloods.jpg

    here is the lot number and exp for the Test e that was used.
    LOT 201408025
    EXP 2016/8/25

    Now i know we already figured out that this stuff from legend is trash. This thread is for the new guys out there that might get fished in on the low prices. My advice for you guys keep on lookin.
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    M/W/F is the only way to run sus, huh. Thanks for posting. I'm going out on the town for a few this evening. The memory of Anton will keep me on the edge. I hated that scumbag after reading the first 3 sentences of his first post here.
    Do you still have a beat on that Legends rep? He still at that other board? I'm looking for interaction.

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    yeah he is still repping them on asf Joebad1. I would love to see you over there in some of my threds.
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    I purchased 20ml of his test e a month ago, did two shots in my quad and then the third one crippled me to not being able to walk for 6 days so I have 17ml of his shit sitting in the closet. Way to high of alcohol content or something else present.

    Fuck legend
  5. Manny

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    Even though it will get deleted can you go put these punks on blast over there? Sorry about all of your bad gear and $ wasted
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  7. Burrr

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    serious question. Why are you still running the legend gear that you know is underdosed?
    It comes off like you are out to prove that their gear sucks, but when you sacrifice your own cycle or a friend's cycle just to prove somebody's gear is shit it comes off like you have a vendetta.
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    I could see someone doing it if they had been burned and had the stuff laying around. Bloods are the only way most of us have to verify someone is putting out crap gear. Now would i do this with gear i had already seen failing tests? Probably not. I value my health above proving someone sucks and would not want to risk sticking 50% of an unknown product into my body, but that is just me. Would i spend money to have it tested...sure thing, but i would not want to be the guinea pig. When i was 25 i am sure i saw things differently.