legit domestic source?

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  1. Hey guys, decided to come over to this board as ive been reading up on here and it really seems like everyone tries to help each other out. good to see.

    Have you guys heard of chemicaladvantage? Or Im looking for a u.s. domestic source that is legit. Been burned once before and the only other place I can get from wants me to pay 120 for UGL test e?!? so need the help haha
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    You gotta do the research my man. Knowledge is king. Read read read. C'mon man. You're gonna get pm's from the sharks. They can smell the chum. You'll get some pm's from guys telling you where to send yer cash...you gotta put in some work. It never ends....mands.....Doc...help me out here.
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  3. I hear you man. Ive honestly done a lot of research and could list a good 6 labs that I have found. but just because one board says they are good, it doesnt mean that the other ones do. Exactly what you said, there are sharks in every board, and im trying to just be sure of them. Its really hard to get honest and helpful info sometimes.
  4. I've seen their site and the prices are tempting ... especially their 25 ml vials. A friend of mine tried them and said the delivery was excellent but it's too soon to rate the gear. It seems like they are a very small operation as they run out of items quickly.

    If they took CIM I'd give them a try but I hate using WU. People think because you are using WU and you get a receipt, you're safe but I can tell you first hand that receipt doesn't mean shit when you're buying something illegal .
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    Like the man says do some research in this section. I have posted a few good domestic sources. Just do a little more research my man.

  6. Mands, I actually read a few of your posts on someone elses thread and I actually had some of the same sources. I've been doing the research, but I find it hard to judge what is good and what isnt when prices fluctuate so much on these sources. But I'll keep reading up and ill probably use one of them you mentioned on another thread.
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    Your on spot BB but we are both obviously biased towards the research end. The most reliable recs come from friends NOT forums, present company excluded! To many "vetrans" on the take, looking for an advantage over the competition. In fact it's quite common for companies to discredit others while complimenting their own products on MULTIPLE formums. Dont trust anyone sending you UNSOLICITED buying opportunites, since those are unequivical scams, (until proven otherwise and I won't roll those dice). Know your sources WELL prior to making any purchases. Mands knows domestics quite well and I know of ONE-TWO very reliable overseas sources whom I work with exclusively. The point is find a GOOD RELIABLE source and develop a relationship with them on a PERSONAL basis if at all possible. All of which severely limits your chances of being screwed!
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    sorry brother no one gonna post a supplier anywhere....like others have said do research and read reviews
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    When i started I knew nobody...... Almost got taken a few times, got taken once, but I learned from it..... Nobody here is gonna give up a trusted source, if I did then my sources wouldn't trust me.
  10. Why domestic? There are plenty of reliable overseas sources that are way cheaper and carry name brand products. I use domestic and overseas sources, but usually stick to overseas. I've never had a problem. I use domestic only if I need fast shipping (usually under a week). Otherwise, my overseas source gets my gear to me in 7-10 days so I dont mind waiting a few extra days to save $$.
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  11. well a 10ml vial of test e 200mg per ml should be around 30 - 50 dollars a vial - i wouldnt pay over 40$ / also why does it have to be domestic usa? Just order in a different name to whatever address ur using
    test is cheaper then most people think / but its good ur asking about sources if they are legit or not be safe
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    Did you ever find a legit source? I'm trying to research as well. The one I have been using is an overseas but wanted to try something new
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    Plenty of legit sources in underground section.
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    LOL you replied in a 5 year old thread! :oops:
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    Probably a dumb question and I know I'm a newbie but how can i find this underground section.
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    It was one of the first ones to pop up lol
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    Looks like I brought this thread back to life! I piss awesomeness
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    Like in a search?
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    LOL I've seen that happen too and in my excitement I don't check the date. Once I bumped an old thread from 2004! :eek:
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