Legit gear or Not?

Discussion in 'Steroid Pictures Forum' started by Switcha0121, May 7, 2017.

  1. Switcha0121

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  2. frozen

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    From looking at the oil I can tell you this product contains 247mg/ml
  3. Switcha0121

    Switcha0121 Member

    I'll throw it in the trash then lol, nah just want to make sure it's not bunk gear and waste my time trying it when I could be on proper gear lol
  4. Ripped

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    If you got it from a pharmacy were it's legal the odds are in your favor bro.

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  5. frozen

    frozen Member

    lol as long as it's not dirty pin it!
  6. Switcha0121

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    Just how cheap I got it is raising thoughts, it's seems pretty clear oil thickens up when cold thins when warm etc
  7. colossus25

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    First off no one will be able to tell you if gear is real just by a pic. Second testosterone is very cheap, its things like tren ace and mast p that are expensive. If you got it from a legit pharmacy then chances are it is real.
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  8. high-octane

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    With organon, norma, aburaihan and other good stuff in that area why did you choose bangkok-pharma?
  9. Switcha0121

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    I didn't notice until the day I was leaving that you could buy it otc so it was just what they had in the shop at the time they said they can get other brands just will take some time to get them
  10. bkstacks

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    It could be the bottle, &/or dark label actually contributing to the following, but the Test C. Color appears to be on the darker side, etc... Could be wrong though....
  11. Savagesteve

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    Looks like camel piss...jk but seriously like everyone else said...you went to a pharmacy in Egypt and bought some shit called Bangkok pharma...
  12. Switcha0121

    Switcha0121 Member

    Live and learn, bunk stuff done and dusted
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  13. czechboy

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    Cheap =/= fake.

    I could get pharma grade deca and test from my country for 4-6$ a vial. pct meds that here can cost 70 cost me 5 or less back home. Depends whether it's legal or not and produced in that country or not.
  14. So, it was bunk?
  15. Switcha0121

    Switcha0121 Member

    Yeah it was unfortunately but move on aye
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    HIGHRISK Member

    Damn bunk from a pharmacy
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  17. Switcha0121

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    Yeah I know shocked me tbh thought I found my new go to holiday resort few times each year haha
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