Letro for AI on TRT


Is there anyone on here that uses letro in small doses as their AI ?

I am currently running 100 mGS test c every 5 days. This is my script.

former dumb ass (doc) gave me 3 scripts when I was going to him - 1. Adex 2. Aromasin, 3. Letro.
He gave me these to try as I saw fit because I had a gyro flare up. I am in my mid 40's and I don't see too many older guys win TRT without an AI.

My issue - In Jan I took Letro for gyro flare up - worked great - went to new doc and I told him how it killed my libido - so he gave me a new script to use Adex at 1mg Mon/Wed/Fri - this did bring E2 down into the 20's range.

Here it is almost 2 months later and I am getting a flare up again in the same tit. Starting to get tender.

I am thinking that Adex and I don't get along well for E2 support? Or maybe letro targets things differently, Adex keeping my E2 in the 20's i would think i would be ok, maybe it is a issue with something else.

I do have Aromasin - Adex - and Letro - tons of all this shit on hand - i do the auto refills and just pick them up.

What would be something worth trying? I have thought about switching over to Aromasin and run it at 12.5 mgs daily or maybe 6.25 daily. The thing is though I know that Letro works for me but I don't want to kill everything else. Would a low dose of Letro be okay? Is anyone using it with TRT in low doses and have been able to avoid negative sides?

I took my 100 mGS test c yesterday and took .5 of Adex today - thinking maybe tomorrow i try Aromasin?

what do you think?