Liberal cities are boring - because of Trump

Discussion in 'Political Discourse' started by tenpoundsleft, Jul 1, 2018.

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    His definition of interesting is the same as my definition of boring. If he doesn't want the techies "spoiling" his quaint cities, he might consider not using the product of their labor to publish his rants. Not sure why he would attribute any of it to the "Trump Crowd" anyway. Probably, his publisher has a Trump bashing quota he needs to meet.
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    I thought that was the most entertaining part of the article - the utter disconnect btw who lives in those places and the changes the author dislikes. It's the bloody liberals that are doing it, not Trump supporters. Zero reality connection.

    And I agree about the boring character of liberal cities - stupefying predictability. Sure, colorful and odiferous displays yes, but stolid herd behavior otherwise.
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    My wife and daughter love this coffee shop in downtown Norfolk. The place is crowded, serves expensive bitter coffee (not as bad as Starbucks), has almost no parking, no A/C, little space with chipped faded walls and broken furniture. The "kitchen" is the size of a closet with 4+ college students working in sweat shop conditions.

    I asked them once why they liked it, and (after abusing me for complaining) they used terms like fashionable and artistic and other BS that engineers like me can't even detect, much less appreciate. Or maybe I can detect it, because the place gives me the same creepy vibe as every other liberal establishment they drag me into.
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    I generally enjoy your posts. This is no exception.
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    "Fashionable and artistic".... I feel your pain - I am surrounded by liberals in my line of work, and between the contrived bohemian look and the corporate uniformity of places like Starbucks, I think I'll go with corporate. Although their entry into the political ring makes them as unappealing as their coffee often is.
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    And speaking of liberal cities...

    Major medical convention abandons San Francisco citing street safety

    John Sexton
    July 3, 2018


    Tourism is big business in San Francisco, bringing in $9 billion dollars a year to the city’s businesses. Now, a major medical convention expected to bring in 15,000 visitors and drop $40 million in less than a week has decided it will stop bringing its members to the City by the Bay because they don’t feel safe walking the streets. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

    “It’s the first time that we have had an out-and-out cancellation over the issue, and this is a group that has been coming here every three or four years since the 1980s,” said Joe D’Alessandro, president and CEO of S.F. Travel, the city’s convention bureau…

    “They said that they are committed to this year and to 2023, but nothing in between or nothing thereafter,” D’Alessandro said. “After that, they told us they are planning to go elsewhere — I believe it’s Los Angeles.”

    The doctors group told the San Francisco delegation that while they loved the city, postconvention surveys showed their members were afraid to walk amid the open drug use, threatening behavior and mental illness that are common on the streets.

    It’s actually not hard to see why tourists would look for a nicer place to visit. The city is filled with homeless camps, open drug use in public areas, and petty crime. There were 31,000 thefts from vehicles reported in 2017, which works out to 85 per day. Garbage, drug needles, and human feces are ubiquitous sights and smells on the streets. Just yesterday a local news station ran a story about multiple complaints about a 20-pound bag of feces that was abandoned on the street.

    CBS affiliate KPIX 5 has a story on the convention complete with man-on-the-street interviews. The people they talked to aren’t shocked by the decision:

    Tourists once took home memories of famed cable cars. These days, too often it is of the image of someone begging, or dancing in circles, or just wandering around the streets intoxicated or mentally ill.

    “You can smell it,” says one tourist.

    “I come from a third world county and it is not as bad as this,” says another.

    Here’s the report.

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    The same disease in Europe - I work for a German firm, go there a lot. Last visit a few weeks ago was in Munich, and I stayed close to the Haubtbahnhof (Central Station) and the amount of beggars (mainly gypsies, possibly arabs) and just scum hanging around was appalling. Lots of outdoors sleeping bums too. Not the same piss stink that permeates San Francisco though.
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    I lived in Germany a little north of Munich in the early 90s. Has to be the most friendly place I ever lived. I was back there in I think 2005, and it was already a very different feeling place. At the time I thought it couldn't possibly get any worse without causing a revolution, but I guess I was wrong. I guess some things aren't meant to last.
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    It supposed to be good because some body told you it was good. Now believe it damnit and give them your money while your there! Or you wont fit in
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    i read a good portion of the OP article. whats fascinating about the ever confusing never happy liberal thinking is wealthy liberals are making it hard for poor liberals to survive in NYC. thats the sum of that long winded article sans the liberal part because a liberal wrote the piece.

    here you have a liberal writer complaining how wealthy liberals are driving up prices in a liberal city within a liberal state and making it hard for poor liberals to survive and the ones who are getting it the worst are people living in the bronx (mainly minority) which liberals tend to constantly blame republicans for keeping them down.

    michael savage said it best: "LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER"
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    Generalize much?
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    The bankers and there investors run the city and they decide when a how the market fluctuates. This goes for all cites around the world, and it’s been the same since the beginning of time, before there were so called liberals and conservatives.

    Let’s just say the elitist are running shit always have been. Realty is that most of them happen to be conservatives.
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    Plenty of greedy liberals. Plenty of generous conservatives.
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    This is the answer. While political parties certainly play a role it can be explained if you follow the money.
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    conservatism is fading out. most people can't get behind old world thinking. libertarian is the parties best chance.

    with that said, i'd have to respectfully disagree. every US city or at least major cities are predominantly liberal. well over 50% liberal. every city is run by liberal officials, governors and the elites within the cities are liberal. all of the big industries (tech and medical) are liberal dominant. europe is mostly liberal.

    nothing wrong with it, it is what it is. the majority of the wealthy old school conservatives are a dying breed. many of the problems within these cities were created by the same people that instituted the polices years prior which in almost every case were......liberal

    i'm independent, i voted obama twice and trump.
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    I like you too much to get into politics with you. o_O Let’s just say the system is flawed!
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    True. Fuck politics. People on the bottom bickering is probably by design
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    Have been reading about all the feces reports in San Fransisco recently, and last week attended a conference there with my very liberal wife. I was expecting the reports to be overblown, and for sure I saw no bags of feces lying around near the conference centers.

    But the homeless were everywhere. Like ants at picnic, they were begging, blocking sidewalks looking through trash, it was unreal. I kept my mouth shut about it to avoid an argument with my wife, but she actually brought it up. She said she was shocked and dismayed at how bad it had gotten. Secretly I am encouraged; I might make a libertarian of her yet.
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