LibertyX app for buying Bitcoin with cash

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by WifeBeater, Oct 6, 2018.

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    I'd like to say first that I've used this app twice thus far, and from what I can tell can be completely anonymous for those that are careful.

    You have a $1000 per day limit without having to issue an I.D. For example, at Love's gas station you can get up to a $500 LibertyX pin number, with a $5 flat fee +1.85% of the total. They only accept cash too. There are several different stores listed that you can buy pin #'s from.

    Does anyone have any negative feedback for this method of aquiring Bitcoin?
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    Looks promising! Do they require an account be set up to use their services or to get your bitcoin? Or do you provide wallet address when purchasing?

    The overview on their site makes it like ok good, easy, and anonymous, but seems like it might be an oversimplification if the process: LibertyX - Buy bitcoin instantly at thousands of local stores

    Another question: were the employees at the store cool/casual about it or all up in your business? Lol, just curious cause I like my privacy and sometimes the employees/bank tellers get a bit too nosy.
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    The one I went to wasn't nosy at all BUT I did have to walk them through the process of how to buy the pin number(The app tells you step by step how to direct them to the LibertyX option). Trust me, it was a helluva lot less nerve wrecking than MoneyGram transfers. All they see is a gift card option on there screen & nothing else and besides the cash purchase of Bitcoin is not suspicious in any way. I see your point of it seeming overly simple because I thought that too till I tried it and it is THAT SIMPLE. You just can't beat the fees either.

    You do have to set up an account but as long as you don't purchase more than $1000/day, then you don't have to verify with a photo I.D. Therefore you could just put false information in the app, and insert your wallet address to transfer the Bitcoin you purchased with the LibertyX pin.

    In all honesty, this is about as anonymous as it can get besides P2P exchanges. So far I highly recommend it and wish I would've tried Bitcoin years ago. Good Luck Brother
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    Im about to use an ATM that only lets you buy bitcoin. Ive only bought ETH for sending on coinbase, previously. BTC was a long time ago... Can you tell me roughly what was deducted in transactions fees?
  5. The only negative is that the closest participating outlet is roughly 4 hours from where i'm at. :mad:

    But thank you for posting this. i'm sure it's going to help a shit ton of people. Hopefully they expand their service to more areas. The simplicity of this method is outstanding, IMO.
  6. superbane

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    What wallet are you using with this?
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    The limit is $200 daily without ID foh
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    I've bought $500 a day without I.D. so idk about that. Take note of the listed store as Love's is listed on the app with a store 3 hours away. BUT, I have a Love's store 10 minutes from my house and it's not listed in the app yet but I bought my Bitcoin there. Whatever stores are listed, Go down the listed and Google their names to find the closest one and you may find a store that not listed but alot closer. The app just gives you an idea of the stores that sell it, but it is by no means a comprehensive list. Keep digging
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    I like mycelium. No I'd or email to set up
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    I only quoted you so it would tag you. Read my reply above
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    Love's gas station is $5 flat rate plus 1.85% of the total but every store has there own rates. No store that I recall charged ridiculous prices.

    Alright I'm not spoon-feeding no more. Half the questions could've been answered if you would just download and READ!!!