Lifting Belt? When? Brand recommendation?

Discussion in 'Powerlifting Forum' started by RowdyGrunt, Jul 5, 2018.

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    Elsewhere on the PL forum, I dropped a thread about getting into powerlifting.

    My question about a belt is this: At what point should one start using a lifting belt?

    More specifically, does using a belt too early, inhibit raw strength and make you too reliant on that belt? Or for the sake of safety, get started with a belt?

    I'm big on wearing "gear" in the gym, so if I don't need it; I'd rather not wear it. My background is martial arts, and any fitness training has been thus far, to supplement that.

    I guess the follow on question is really, what is the disadvantage to simply doing the lifting raw?

    Finally: If a belt is rationally a wise thing to wear, what brand(s):
    I'm assuming Inzer is a no brainer...
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    All preference. Personally I use a belt when pulling 405 and up. Why? Because I got hurt pulling 405 once coming back from surgery. Some guys wear a belt to tie their shoes and some don't wear one at all.

    As far as it inhibiting strength development I dont think so... it just makes sure you use the right muscles as opposed to developing the wrong ones.
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    LOL! I've seen those guys wearing the belt simply because... Usually also wearing something like a wife beater shirt and New Balance shoes...

    Thank you for that. Sounds like a good idea to use one as the poundages start to get up there.
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    Ita really a matter of personal preference. If you feel it helps you then use it, if you think it’s unnecessary then don’t use it. Either way you’re right lol I put mine on when I get into the 85% range of my training maxes. But for me this wasn’t until I started pulling into the 300s for dead’s and squatting high 200s. Before I reached those weights I didn’t use one. Name brand is a personal preference unless you want to compete in PLing then you have to see what brands are approved for you fed.
  5. Here are some studies regarding lifting belts; [1], [2].

    I personally opt for a lifting belt during my heavy days as that's how I feel getting the most out of it. In my opinion, you should always have one in your gym bag, you would be amazed how much it can help you build strength.
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    I've been seriously training for 5 years, currently at 365/265/405 (s/b/d) & to this day I've never used a belt & never been injured beyond the occasional slight elbow or knee pain. That being said, I'm about to start my first cycle on my 30th bday and I've been doing research on belts. The last thing I want is to get over zealous halfway through my first cycle and snap something. From what I've found, SBD makes the best belts. Basically a thicker, better inzer with a better latch. Overall, I think 13mm lever belts in general will be a good bet.