Light cycle for athletic performance & strength?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Kimpe, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Kimpe

    Kimpe Junior Member

    I have a really important thing in two months where I need strength and endurance, I don't want to go into details but let's just say its really really important.
    I've been training like crazy and want to add little boost. I'm already cruising on 150mg test/w, last blood tests I took were fine, all markers within the range.

    Any ideas for me what to take? I have dbol, tren e, test and proviron on hand but i'm thinking of getting tbol and using it on a low dose like the ol' DDR olympic team.

    I thought of upping my test dose to around 300mg/w but would it actually be counterproductive because of the added water weight too?

    So would my best option be running test at 150-300 and tbol or dbol at 10-20mg/d?

    Oh, and the low doses are also because I'm prone to high blood pressure
  2. picholas

    picholas Member

    Do you have any previous cycle history?
    pct plan?
  3. Kimpe

    Kimpe Junior Member

    I have cycled with test and dbol in the past, and I'm not going to do pct since I'm cruising, have been for two years now because I had so low natty test
  4. Ophydian

    Ophydian Member

    Taking a cycle before basic training and or SF? If you get into SF you’ll get all the free gear you want.
  5. picholas

    picholas Member

    Test 300mg/wk + Proviron 50mg/ed + Tbol 40mg/ed break up 20mg AM and 20mg PM (4-6 weeks)

    If you control your e2 and watch your sodium intake, the water weight shouldn't be that bad especially with the other compounds

    That would be relatively light, you can do the tbol in the beginning if you're worried about the high blood pressure sides. I don't think 20mg daily will give you the results you want, if you're not feeling good on 40mg you can bump it back down.

    Run it for 12 weeks. and then go back to cruising
  6. Kimpe

    Kimpe Junior Member

    Thanks, I just had a slight setback tho.. I can't get turinabol after all. I could get winstrol, but I have never tried it before and have always heard so mixed opinions about it. They used to win with it in olympics but some people state how it's bad for your tendons.
    Also after starting the proviron my ability to sleep have decreased a lot which is weard. i tried pharma grade once and I had no problems. Maybe I just fucked up my estro, I guess I'll have continue and get bloods to be sure
  7. Kimpe

    Kimpe Junior Member

    Haha not quite but a good guess. They get free gear there? Damn dude.. I wish I lived in US
  8. picholas

    picholas Member

    Never used winny but hear great things. I hear it has more does and it's more for precompetition.
  9. BigNattyDaddy

    BigNattyDaddy Member

    Winstrol is rough on the joints but if you want to cut up you can look into masterone
  10. picholas

    picholas Member

    More sides*
  11. Monstar

    Monstar Member

    For your important activity...will they be running bloods and general health exam? Orals too close will hit liver. Dbol and tren may/will hit blood pressure. Tren will hit cardio/endurance negatively. All of that seems counter to your goal. How about test p at 500mg and proviron.
  12. Ophydian

    Ophydian Member

    Not free but military Dr. will write you a prescription for whatever you want that is available via prescription.
  13. Kimpe

    Kimpe Junior Member

    Yes, general health check will be done, and yea the tren I have will be left unused because the possible negative impact on cardio. I mean.. some people claim that a low dose like 200mg/w would not do any harm but I don't think it's worth the risk trying out.
    I guess since I'm not able to get the tbol I'll just go with test and proviron and see how it goes. It's just weird that I got heart palpitations when I tried it last time, but then again it could have been because of something else completely so I'll just have to try out and see
  14. Kimpe

    Kimpe Junior Member

    That's why I kinda don't get why it seems to be such a "go to steroid" for athletes, or so I hear. I used to have bad knees when I was younger so I don't think it's worth the risk either
  15. BigNattyDaddy

    BigNattyDaddy Member

    Yeah I've heard that too. I've seen some guys say fish oil helps them. Maybe Deca but that would really only mask the pain.
  16. kendallkmw

    kendallkmw Member

    Sounds like there might not be anything for you. Maybe I didn't read far enough back and someone mentioned it but I'd run a test and equi cycle for a light athletic endurance improvement cycle.
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  17. Worf

    Worf Member

    Exactly what type of event is this? That may dictate what you should take. Also what can you get?
  18. Big_paul

    Big_paul Member Supporter

    I like the tbol idea along with the test you are using.
  19. Kimpe

    Kimpe Junior Member

    I think I'll just go with test and proviron, and if tbol happens to turn available for me, well then I'll add that to the mix
  20. Girth

    Girth Member

    One once told me AAS are the poor man's performance enhancer when it comes to sport. Because you are vague with your specifics on the activity, I have to do the same with a suggestion. Test prop for allowing adjustments and legit Anavar or t-bol or mast should do the trick. Many of the DHT-derivatives give the performance boost you need from an explosive standpoint, but true var seems to help in the endurance aspect as well.

    That said, if you really want to improve: Test, GH, and EPO. EPO is the king for athletes with even a modicum of endurance requirement. But specifics, means no idea what would actually be needed/available/possible/etc.