Limited days to train.... Best split help please!

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Logan44551, Aug 25, 2018.

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    So I recently started a new job that has me on the road a lot. Which is fine, but it has cut my number of days to train in about half. Currently I am lucky to get 3 days in. Just wondering if I should adjust my training around how many days a week I can make it, or just keep plugging away with what I have been doing. I seem to be maintaning well, not sure if I am making more progress, I am currently trying to shed some fat.

    Anyhow do any of you have similar shcedules that keep you from training six days a week? If so what program are you running? Thanks fellas
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    I know DC is 3 days/wk. Haven’t tried it but heard great things about it
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    Most any program you can doctor to fit the number of days you need...

    DC is for pretty advanced guys... Don't know what your level is..

    You can do an upper/lower split, just alternating every other day, I ran PHAT on a 3 day split a couple years ago....

    Just figure out what you want to prioritize and set your programming up that way ..
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    Squat movement (squat, front squat, leg press, etc.)
    Pressing movement (Bench, incline, OHP, etc.)
    Pulling movement (Deadlift, Romanian deadlift, row, etc.)
    Pick two body parts to isolate (chin ups, hamstring curls, dips, etc.)
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    Day 1. Chest and triceps
    Day 2. Back and biceps
    Day 3. Legs and shoulders
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  6. I don't know your goals if, for example, you are into powerlifting or into bodybuilding but I would definitely give full body x3 week a try, there are many templates out there to get ideas and build your program to your specific needs. You won't notice any degradation in strength or in size since the frequency is quite high.
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    Full body 3 times per week. Limit the number of exercises per muscle group so you're not in the gym for 3+ hours
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    Directly from wendler himself named "the best 2 day template for size nobody wants to do"

    This is the BEST 2 day template that no one wants to do.

    Week 1


    Squat - 531
    SS Bar Squat - 5 x10
    SLDL - 5x10

    (chins between all sets above)


    Bench - 531
    Press - 5x10
    Rows - 5x10

    Curls/Triceps/Face pulls - 3x10 giant sets

    Week 2


    Deadlift - 531
    SS Bar Squat - 5x10
    SLDL - 5x10

    (chins between all sets)


    Press - 531
    Bench Press - 5x10
    Rows - 5x10

    Curls/Triceps/Face pulls - 3x10 giant sets

    This will make you stronger and bigger than you will ever think. And take less time.
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