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    Hi, Meso. I felt like you needed another animal-themed source, so here I am.


    Alright, let's get straight to the point. I'm here to offer international raws and peptides with Unmatched(™) benefits. Mainly, dramatically reduced pricing for new clients for 3 months (this amounts to a 20-50% discount compared to competitors) and domestic shipping services (US/UK). The product still comes from overseas (China) but our guy in the states/UK will pick it up and get it to you (USPS, Fedex, UPS, whatever you want). We offer this type of shipping for U.S. and U.K. clientele only.

    You can also expect standard amenities like free reships (one reship for any issues) and stealth shipping. Of course, if you're in the U.S. or U.K. you also have a free reshipper due to our included domestic shipping. If you have any more questions about our shipping methods, contact me. For the most part, we get away with not stealthing to the U.S. but we employ a variety of disguises for more stringent nations. If you explicitly want stealth shipping just ask, but remember it'll take longer.

    In the future, we will be offering international and domestic finished products as well. At the time of this post, we are only offering international raws.


    +1 month of reduced pricing for blood work/purity testing
    +2 weeks of reduced pricing for every referred client

    This could be subject to change in the future, so hit me up.


    Reduced pricing (lasts 3 months for all new clients):
    Normal pricing (Will price match major competitors):

    Shipping cost is $50


    Wickr: lionheadlabs

    I'm available at all times: quick to respond and ready to listen. All communication happens securely on a separate machine and all connections are routed through VPN and tor. Feel free to hit me up anytime to discuss anything. I'm more than happy to build up a professional relationship.

    IMG_4825.JPG 9E13854D-3C2B-4CD8-AA5D-D35BDF86323E.jpg Powder 08.JPG
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    Is this our girl? Estp or whoever the hell it was?
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    For this @estp ? If it is, just come clean. It will be much easier for you. Or, are you affiliated IN ANY WAY with estp?
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    Deleted my comment just for you :oops:
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    Ayyyy the thread jacker lives. And in poor form. Not even a Friday...
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    Such a sweet heart!

    ^^sounds ghey
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    Maybe it’s friday in Canada?
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    Also she is a Leo so lionhead makes sense
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    Sherlock in this bitch
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    Investigator @Kim

    Your services are needed
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    Similar logo to pristine maybe you’re pristine rebranding just selling Raws since he keeps fucking up ?

    Ima start a company called yeti anabolic
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    Not at all familiar/affiliated. Why the assumed connection? Nice butt though... I'll be back in 5 minutes ;)
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    A new girl?
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    Shut it down.
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    Those intro prices are insane though, not gonna lie.
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    Trying to find out if this is @estp
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    Was exactly my first thought!!

    If so it’ll be found out!
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    Probably Estp’s Heroine dealer boyfriend