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  1. FTT010101

    FTT010101 Junior Member

    Does anyone use Lipitor to help keep their bad cholesterol in check? High Cholesterol runs in the family and Im curious what others who have used this compound while on cycle think about it?

    Any Muscle aches/pains/Weakness?

    Any major effect on gains?

    What sorts of phsyical effects did you feel?

    Any other information would be appreciated too (with respect to using lipitor while on cycle). Ok

    thanks guys

  2. ag-guys

    ag-guys Junior Member

    Lipitor didn't help any with my cholesterol, I had to change diet instead.

  3. FTT010101

    FTT010101 Junior Member

    Diets already clean as all hell... fam history of high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol... just want to be safe. Been doing some research... thinking about a low dose of either Tricor or Zocor... depends on what I come up with since I can get both.

    If anyone has any info at all to contribute it would be much appreciated, thanks guys