Liquid anavar problem!! Need some advice

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    okay guys so I a buddy shot me two bottle of liquid Anavar, supposedly 25mg x20ml. Made with ps80 he said, and some whatever else is he attempted to make it with. Please bare with me because I am not homebrew guy, I have used the kits back in the day, to make fina, but that’s where my expertise ends. Anyhow, one of the bottles looks like everything has held in suspension the other bottle clearly has some of the anavar crystals that have settled in the bottom. Both of the bottles taste like fucking chemical worse than GHB, and literally have made me vomit on 2 separate occasions. First question, does anyone have a recommendation as far as what I can do to handle the taste, I have tried all types of chasers, and still the can’t seem to rid my mouth of it in time to not vomit. Second, any recommendations on what I can do to help dissolve the crystals in the bottle, or is it trash. He obviously got some recipe off of someone it was his first time fucking with it. I am just wondering how one bottle held and the other didn’t. I tried getting more info from him but I dont want to insult him. Any feedback or advice I would really appreciate. Thanks
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    I ended up making pills out of my anavar, capsules with a mini funnel it worked amazingly. dosed them perfectly at 40 mg, Thats besides the point... But before I made capsules I dosed 3 days worth in olive oil at 10mg/ml and it honestly had 0 taste. I think it would really help with whatever is making it taste bad.

    Cut the dose in half by adding equal parts olive oil. So if its 25 mg/ml add equal parts olive oil and it will be 12.5 mg/ml.
    in your case 25 mg 20 mL add 20 mL of oil=40 mL it will be 12.5 mg/mL

    You still have to give it a shake before each dose just in case, it seperates, but for me it held. But most should dissolve.

    Maybe try a test run with what I said with one dose first.
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    Hey buddy, I appreciate you taking the time to reply with an ingenious idea, I may give that a try with a few mL just Incase it becomes even more unmanageable, any idea as far as the bottle that has all the undissolved VAR In the bottom
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    Only thing I can think of is he used a different solution for the var. Cause the same solution would have same results. You could always give it a shake before use.
    Did the oil work?