Liquid or Pill Form DBol?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by spillburt, Aug 28, 2004.

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    spillburt Junior Member

    I am trying to figure out which one to get. 50ml @ 50mg/ml of the Liquid Dbol for a damn good price. Or Dbol tabs for a damn good price. The liquid is from a UG source, the other are pharmacy tabs. Since I have never done Dbol I was looking for some advice.
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    johnwaters Junior Member

    Curious myself.

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    wolfman Junior Member

    If I were given the option of choosing a human grade product or an ug one both of equal cost, I'd choose the human grade every time hands down...NOt to say that ug labs are bad because some are VERY GOOD, but I've personally gotten better results off human grade gear.

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    KCSMAN Member

    All In All It Is Really Up To You. I Tried The Liquid And The Tabs. Both Are Great.
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    P.E. Junior Member

    both same shit go wit the cheaper if its from a good source...
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    dumblucky Junior Member

    tabs ore so easy to carry around and take throughout the day
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    patsfan Junior Member

    I like the oral Dbol as I just put it in a gallon jug of water and drink it throughout the day to space the dose out...its better than carrying around pills that if i got pulled over might cause me problems.
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    gman67 Junior Member

    It's all a matter of conveinence. Tabs are easier for some to take throughout the day. Other than that there is no difference,,it's all made with the same active ingredient.
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    Baby Faced Assasin

    Baby Faced Assasin Junior Member

    Thats the best friggin idea i've heard in a while. What about the nasty taste of dissolved products though??
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    Dizzy26 Junior Member

    That is a pretty good idea...although i heard something about that once in a different board. Something like a certain amount of DBOL is metabolized when first passing through the liver so that it's better to split it into 3 doses so more gets into you blood. Anyone else heard of this?
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    gman67 Junior Member

    You want to split the dose throughtout the day because of the short half life of dbol.
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    Pup'nIrn Junior Member

    I have used both and can't tell a difference. Got a bro on the dude's 50cc/50mg d-bol right now and he is doing very well. Good gains in the first week. Pup
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    dumbbellpress Junior Member

    PatsFan, that is a GREAT idea. How come I never thought of that?? That is a very very good idea. I am almost tempted, for my next cycle, to dump say 60mg of liquid Dbol into a 20 ounce bottle of water and just drink a little bit all day long. That is so cool, I can't believe I never thought of that.

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    dumbbellpress Junior Member

    Patsfan, by the way I love your signature "I'm your Huckleberry" . Man I loved Tombstone, and that was so friggin cool when Val Kilmer said that. One of the coolest moments in Hollywood history.

    Patsfan, in your own experience, did you get better results from, say for example - taking 10mg of Dbol 4-5 times per day via Caps or Tabs?? Or have you gotten better results from dumping your liquid Dbol into the gallon of water and drinking it throughout the day. ?? Or have the results been about the same??

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    Dizzy26 Junior Member

    I know point was that taking really small doses throughout the day(5mgs 6 - 8x per day) would be a waste because a small amount is matabolized in your liver when it first passes through it from your digestive system. I heard that it is better to take it in 3 larger doses 4 - 5 hours apart.
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    gman67 Junior Member

    I've also heard it's best to take it all at one dose more than once...and to tell the truth I haven't really noticed any difference between the two...these days I just take it all at once to simplify things,,many won't agree with that but works just fine for me.

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