Liquid T3 effective?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by PLer1290, Jan 24, 2011.

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    PLer1290 Junior Member

    Has anyone here ever used liquid t3 before with good results? I ask because I've read on here that it's not stable in solution. I bought my liquid T3 from a very reputable research chemical source and I've taken up to 50mcg on an empty stomach and don't really feel too much from it.
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    tballz Junior Member

    That's all i've ever used is liquid t3...never had a problem.

    What are you expecting to feel from it? There's not really any side effects.
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    PLer1290 Junior Member

    People say you immediately feel shakey, sweaty, have a headache, etc. right after you take it.
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    tballz Junior Member

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    Madd Junior Member

    Take it under your tongue and hold it there for like 10 mins on a empty stomach. then dont eat for about a 1/2 hr. My veins begin to pop out when I take it.

    IMO real tabs are stronger than the liq.
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    Atwater Junior Member

    I had use liquid t3 befor few months.he has no side effect at all.
    and good for your help you in body building.
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    Bill Roberts

    Bill Roberts Steroid Forum Leader

    I can't comment on any specific product as that would require analysis of the product to be definitely factual on it, products will vary in solvent used, and companies will vary on the freshness of their product.

    That said, even in solid form t3 has stability problems. Even some pharmaceutical tablets have run into problems with maintaining potency.

    In general being in liquid rather than in solid phase reduces stability. However, different liquids differ.

    So far as no side effects, T3 at an actual dose of 100 mcg/day commonly (not always) results in muscle and/or strength loss.

    It is not uncommon for liquid products to exhibit no side effects at nominal doses at or beyond this.

    There are also cases of individuals getting good results from the specific products they purchased.

    One might naturally ask about CEM-Meso specifically. I have been satisfied with their products that I have purchased personally. I have not purchased the T3 and thus have no experience with it. But for the above reasons I'd consider a pharmaceutical tablet to be a preferable choice, if available. If I were going for a liquid I would buy the CEM-Meso based on experience with the other products. But I would refrigerate it on arrival and not expect much shelf life.

    I have tried another brand in the past -- the guys that sell ancillaries -- prior to being aware of this problem, and it lacked potency on arrival.

    It is entirely possible to not feel an actual 50 mcg of T3, while nonetheless getting fat loss benefits.
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    shahnameh74 Junior Member

    Hey friend this has nothing to do with your question but did you get a message from some guy selling gear? If you did any thoughts how real he is? Thanks
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    PLer1290 Junior Member

    Yes I did. How did you know?

    It's called dpanabolics. This is a SCAM. Do not trust.
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    OatsNhoes Junior Member

    got one too. if hes looking for YOU its prob a scam.
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    PLer1290 Junior Member

    Plus he has 0 posts lol.

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