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    xXGetBigSonXx Member

    Hey guys... seeing that a lot of people are asking questions on "what is best for bulking, and what is best for cutting", etc... I thought we could do this....

    LIst what is your favorite BULKING CYCLE.. ONLY put down the cycle protocol/aas being used.. then at the bottom list a brief explanation how it went for you. This might help people get a feeling of some good cycles to run... Hope this works and helps everyone..


    1-4 Dbol
    1-12 TEST E 500mg
    1-12 DECA 400mg

    you get the idea...
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    Get Some

    Get Some Member

    That exact cycle except it was test C and I ran Dbol for 5 weeks.

    I put on 30 lbs in this span and a month post cycle I was still holding 20 to 22 of those lbs. Anytime you can hold onto 20+ lbs after losing the water weight from a cycle, that's phenomenal IMO. For this reason, I don't see any reason to do a different bulking cycle than that. I have buddies who add EQ to the mix but It's not necessary for killer gains.
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    KBD Member

    My best mass cycle was when i was about 225lbs. (ALOT OF WATER) lol.

    anadrol 75mg a day
    tren 800mg a Week
    Test Enanthate 800mg a week

    Yeahhh i blew the fuck up! got stretch marks to prove it lol.

    Yes ill admit that was pretty fuckin stupid, but... WHat ya gonna do? :p
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    Get Some

    Get Some Member

    Haha, I can't even IMAGINE what 800mg a week of Tren would be like!! Did you ever sleep?[:eek:)]
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    KBD Member

    Actually tren never gave me the sleeping issues that it gives alotta people. I got bad fuckin dreams tho, nasty vivid dreams.
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    xXGetBigSonXx Member

    whats up bro!

    Ya my next cycle will be a bulking cycle starting in october.. this coming winter is all about puttin on some serious mass! obviously quality mass that is :)

    I plan on running DECA..
    Still up in the air about TEST though... I have always run E, but thinking maybe trying something else out.... sust or C.. along with Dbol front load..
    Whats the major differnence between C and E.. i know about sust.. not to firmiliar with C... i can get anything.. looking to try something different
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    KBD Member

    anadrol and tren is the best muscle and strength gain combo alive.

    Due to the fact that tren splits muscle fibers cause it supposedly activates igf-1 in the body. And anadrol swells them up!

    Good combo, never will run it again due to anger issues lol.

    Anadrol/Tren= Best combo for muscle/strength
    Anadrol/Tren= WORST COMBO for attitude.


    I tried to fight my dad.
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    Get Some

    Get Some Member

    There is not a whole lot of difference between E and C. I believe the Cypionate ester will have a half life that is approximately 6 days, whereas Enanthate has an approximate 5 day half life. So, I believe that is why they typically prescribe Cypionate for TRT. It's a tuny bit easier to control the blood levels with less injections. But, for all intensive purposes, most guys see them as interchangeable. Some swear by E and some swear by C. If you're not in love with E, I would run some C just to give it a shot. You never know man.

    Sust is a whole different animal. Great gains and they come quicker too. The only thing I don't like about it is that you have to wait longer after the last injection to start pct. But, other than that it's great.

    If I could get ahold of some good quality Test Phenylpropionate, I think I would give that a go for my next bulking cycle. I'd run it with NPP instead of Deca so you start seeing quality gains much sooner (I would imagine around week 3). You could inject EOD or every 3 days and keep the levels pretty stable. This way you would be fine running the dbol for only 4 weeks instead of 5. Just sounds like a good idea to me.:D
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    xXGetBigSonXx Member

    cool thanks for the info bro...
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    Meathead27 Member

    In no way are either of those statements true.
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    KBD Member

    Supposedly, thats what ive heard from 100s of people. Didnt say i believe it. Just in general its a good stack.
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    Mr.great11 Junior Member

    How much weight did you gain and keep? ;)
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    concidering it was 4 years ago, I ponder his stats now
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    Mr.great11 Junior Member

    Haha I just realized it was old post
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    I done the same shit man, twice ;)
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    Now that its up, I'll add to it..

    Test E 750 EW 14 weeks
    Nandrolone Deca 600 EW 12 weeks
    drol/dbol combo 50/30mgs 6 weeks
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    devildog93 Member

    12 week cycle
    750mg sustanon a week (m/w/f)
    400mg deca a week m/f
    dbol for the first 10 days at 30mg a day
    Gained maybe 30 pounds, lots of water, and felt the best i have ever felt in my life at the peak of it(weeks 4-8)

    Looking back i would have shortened it to 10 weeks. I was a bit fried by week 10 anyway.
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    Ozzy619 Member

    I sleep like a baby on tren too
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    Beast11 Member

    Test 500
    Deca 600
    Eq 900
    Dbol 50
    Adrol 100
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    4leafclover Member

    Weeks 1-9,
    dbol on 4 weeks, off 2, repeat 25-50mg/day
    Test E/C 750mg/wk
    Deca 600mg/wk
    EQ 600mg/wk
    Mast E 400mg/wk

    Weeks 10-16
    Sust 750mg/wk
    tren A 300mg/wk
    Mast P 300mg/wk
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