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  1. My little collection
    I hope I took nessacery security protocol

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  2. Sassyemgirl

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    Are those clear vials potg?
  3. Na not today lol some enethate in mct oil
  4. Just curious, why did you pop the covers on all your test vials?
  5. ickyrica

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    Might be home brewed
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  6. Ah yeah that makes sense lol
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  7. Correct sir
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  8. MindlessWork

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    Have you pinned any of it yet?
  9. Yea I started at 500 a week progressively worked up to 750-800. It's like butter. I can't take credit for the brew though. A good friend of mine on here it's his work
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    Cool, hope it’s like fire for you. Bet you’ll make some great gains.