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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by CB4615, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. CB4615

    CB4615 Junior Member

    Just made a purchase from Live Well Pharma after a friend of mine referred them. Has anyone used them? Any reviews?
  2. eje1990

    eje1990 Member Supporter

    Why would you buy from them before asking if anyone has heard of them.... and ask for reviews?
  3. Test_Subject

    Test_Subject Member

    I'll never get why people buy things then ask if they're any good...

    Do you usually buy a car then test drive it?
  4. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    They're junk. He's a selective scammer and very over priced. Do some research. Especially considering he advertises all over Instagram, I'm sure your customer info is at no risk of being compromised
  5. Deisel26

    Deisel26 Member

    I've done this on 2 occasions

    HIGHRISK Member

    So let me get this straight. You joined 21 days ago and this is your first post? Did you even read here at all? Smh some peoples kids I swear.
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  7. Sk8man101

    Sk8man101 Member

    Only with women.
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  8. Sk8man101

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    Any source on instagram can fuck right off.
  9. CB4615

    CB4615 Junior Member

    Wow, what a bunch of internet tough guys. Instead of being helpful you try and knock people down. Thank you for the 2 people who took me seriously and a big go fuck yourself to the others.
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  10. Michael7

    Michael7 Member

    When I buy stuff from eBay or amazon I don't read reviews until I receive the items , I like to live dangerously
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  11. This is what happens when you use your initials and last 4 of your social for your username...
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  12. Test_Subject

    Test_Subject Member

    Who was being a tough guy, exactly? Cry more, snowflake.

    Please, walk me through the logic of buying something then asking if it's any good...
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  13. CB4615

    CB4615 Junior Member

    Sorry those are not my initials or my social but I can see how your ignorant small mind would think that.

    The logic is that my trainer used them and had good things to say so I bought them as well. Then I remembered I created an account here so I thought why not ask. What harm could come from asking for advice?

    Clearly I was mistaken.

    Airborne Daddy go fuck yourself, should have joined the navy! UDT!!!
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  14. Bahahahaha!
  15. CB4615

    CB4615 Junior Member

    have a nice life, thank whomever for their service
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  16. Yoo-hoo! Don't go! We were only kidding! If you were in the military ud have to be familiar with constant ballbusting. This place is no different . Ur the FNG. Relax...
  17. CB4615

    CB4615 Junior Member

    Thanks I am not going anywhere just don't feel like having my balls busted today.
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  18. U should edit that... I wouldn't reveal any unit I was with. It wouldn't be hard for law enforcement to start looking at you unless you're talking about 20 years ago. Also there's been a couple Shady characters come through here that would go out of their way to find your identity and share it with the world. You probably have another five or ten minutes to edit that if you choose after that it'll be permanent
  19. CB4615

    CB4615 Junior Member

    yeah my common sense has not worked much this year. thank you for the advice
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  20. Gabuddy494

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