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    another question regarding bitcoin... i need get about 3 coins. but finding a decent source is hard!!! if i buy them from local bitcoin showing all my ID/bank card and photo...

    can i then send it to dark wallets or accounts that are not set up in my name to hide the trace of been tracked to orgainal source/wallet??? struggling to get the grip of this lol
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    You shouldn't need to show ID to deposit cash in a bank account, just cash and a deposit slip. Even if you do show ID (I personally would refuse), the bits will not be associated with you other than the link between the bank account and its owner - who happens to also own some bits.

    If you do use Local Bitcoin, make sure the wallet you are transferring to is anonymous. You can create one here for example, or use the Tor address to hide your IP:


    You can still use Dark Wallet to mix them if you are unsure of their anonymity.
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  4. I tried the Tor link and it said that the site couldn't be reached.
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    You have to connect through Tor. You can download Tor Browser here.
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