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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Fivesandsixes, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. Fivesandsixes

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    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums but been in the community for a while. I've always done weightlifting programs.

    This time around I plan on running a marathon and doing more long-durance stuff.

    I was thinking Test/EQ. Anyone else know much about long-durance cycles, I haven't been able to find a lot of legitimate information.

  2. Eman

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    That is probably a good place to start.

    Anavar can also be a good all around performance enhancer although, not exactly known for its endurance capability as far as I know. I've had positive experience with cardarine for endurance personally, most of it's other ''benefits" are overstated.

    You'll inevitably come across info on EPO, be very very careful if you decide to go down that road. Be extra vigilant about hydration if you decide to fool with it, but I really wouldn't suggest it.
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  3. Fivesandsixes

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    Yeah, I'm going to start with Test E/EQ for long distance workouts. Pretty excited for this. In the past i've done tons of muscle building with more intense roids. Excited to see how this turns out.

    P.S. if any long distance endurance athletes have tips on these cycles please let me know.
  4. ickyrica

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    Subbed. I'm of no help but have an interest as I used to play around with endurance training.
  5. Fivesandsixes

    Fivesandsixes Junior Member

    Awesome man, hopefully some members on here have some good insight.
  6. kendallkmw

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    Is this you first marathon training? I did my first one 9 years off all PEDS last year. I've got a training schedule for just the running I can share if you don't have one. It's an 18 week guide I run the first 9 weeks twice to make it 27 weeks. This year I am running 500mg Test Cyp and then I'll hit cruise roughly end of July and cut. I am considering running it with Equi into the winter heading up to my race. I've ran multiple races but I'm no expert but happy to help where I can.
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  7. Fivesandsixes

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    Yes it is my first marathon, but I use to run 5-10 miles every morning and 3 miles in 16:45 so I consider myself an above average runner. Yeah, sure man send me the 18 week guide I would like to look at it.

    I just plan on doing low test/eq and diet. I did some crazy cycles in the past with weightlifting, but I'm more interested in long endurance sports now.
  8. kendallkmw

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    Ill snap a pic of it when I get back to the house. My entire focus last year was stretch stretch stretch, core, and legs. Covering 3 in 16:45 is an excellent pace but what do you sustain doing 18 miles plus. I'm sure you've probably got a great V02 max also. I'd recommend finding a hill you hate and do repeats at least once a week. Right now I'm carrying 19lbs more than I did last year and will probably carry another 10 so I've had to focus on short burst and incline to build my endurance back up.
  9. Fivesandsixes

    Fivesandsixes Junior Member

    Yeah, I use to run the mountains of Southern California. I'm getting back into it now though. I use to never stretch, but I see how important it is now. Almost seems like its more important than the workout at times.
  10. kendallkmw

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    Stretching is absolutely more important than the training. I also would encourage you to focus some training on strengthening the hips and really focus your stretching in that area to avoid IT Band issues. Those two things make for a happy endurance athlete.
  11. Fivesandsixes

    Fivesandsixes Junior Member

    Do you have any stretching regimes?
  12. kendallkmw

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    I have a pretty set routine I follow before going on a run. I have no idea what you'd call any of them. After suffering IT issues I did learn the importance of establishing a pre-run routine. Since doing that I've not had any strains or injuries. If you want to pm I have a facebook group I can add you to that is all runners. Its not a forum to discuss AAS but there are some elite runners that can answer any question. Also Runner's World is a great little read, my sister recently sent me a subscription. Ignore the dates I wrote those down for myself last year. 20180430_214118.jpg
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