Long term HCG use?

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  1. Hey fellas, asking for a spoon here. Im on self prescribed 150mg test cyp and wondering if there was any studies on long term usage of hcg 500iu a week to keep testicular size? Im just wondering if there are any negatives or risks to coninued usage?
  2. Well ppl use it on cycle, to keep from having testicular atrophy. But have no idea for extended periods of time such as a year or longer.
  3. Yeah i know, and i have in the past fine i just didnt know of any negatives itd have for continued usage.
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    It's fine.
  5. Its just fine to use a low dose of 500iu for years on end? Ive read about desensitization over extended periods of time. Thanks for the input tho. Just curious if theres any scientific evidence proving it.
  6. @mands @Wunderpus either of you fellas have any knowledge on long term use of 500iu or so of hcg with test?
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    Well you've read bullshit. Because it does not occur in humans.
  8. Right on, thanks brotha.
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  9. Can’t say that there are long-term, like a decade long, but I’ve seen many mentions of high dose, like 3000iu eod for over a year with no mention of desensitization, in fact I have yet to find any study showing that to happen in humans. You might find a few forum posts where guys claim it happened with no evidence. I’ve personally used hcg for a year and haven’t noticed anything negative.
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  10. Thank you sir. Have you just been doing enough to keep the boys full while on?
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  11. When I first started it it was to keep fertility while on trt, I did use a higher dose than normal, like 750-1300iu, average about 1000iu/wk. Then like 3 weeks after I decided to terminate trt I upped the dose to 1000iu mwf, well the first two weeks it was eod but it’s basically the same thing. Did that for >3 months, actually still doing it till the time is right to terminate use of hcg. The 1000iu 3x/wk is where I noticed a huge increase in the size of my balls, last measurements by my dr was ~25cc each.

    Not exactly related but although I prefer ovitrelle which is rhCG I noticed an even larger increase in my loads when I used fertigyn which is uhCG.
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  12. Very cool. I appreciate it man, and congrats on ball size lmao. But really, i just wanted to make sure just taking 500iu a week or so wouldnt be a long term problem. Ive used it in the past on cycle and kept me nice and full, hell, my last son was concieved while i was on. Im not worried about preserving fertility anymore as i have 2 boys.

    How much AI do you take while on trt or off? Ive noticed 12.5 aromasin works well for me 2x a week on test cyp.
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    I prefer adex .5mg 2x week. Roughly equivalent to 12.5mg of asin imo. Different mechanisms of action, but similar result.
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  14. Meh I really didn’t care about the size so much as functionality, besides they’re still dwarfed by my boner lol. AI is individual, some don’t need any and some do. 12.5mg a couple times a week is a good place to start. I’d avoid the other AIs tho
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    HCG 500 IU a week can skyrocket your estrogen, unless you're really suppressed.

    Try starting with 150-200 IU/w and get estradiol bloodwork if possible.
  16. You think at those dosages it would still preserve ball size even?
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  18. Not a whole lot I’d imagine, in trt men 125iu eod lead to a 25% decrease in ITT levels, 250iu eod to a 7% decrease in ITT, and 500iu eod to a 26% increase, now we’re talking about 150-250 total. I would not worry about “skyrocketing” E on such a low dose, 250iu 2x/wk is a low dose. I know everyone is different but for my medium dose of 1000iu 3x/wk or 3000iu/wk and use of exemestane at 12.5mg twice a week, although around the time of my test I purposely used less AI, my E was at 44.8..I’d hardly call that skyrocketed. Here’s a few studies you can read further

    Preserving fertility in the hypogonadal patient: an update

    Indications for the use of human chorionic gonadotropic hormone for the management of infertility in hypogonadal men

    Recovery of spermatogenesis following testosterone replacement therapy or anabolic-androgenic steroid use

    That last one is more for people coming off trt/aas but the info re hcg could still be helpful
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    3k iu hcg eod for 3 months sounds expensive but I may try it. I am done cycling good articles.