Long term/permanent cycle and how to do it safely.

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  1. Not okay to be hating on another guys woman.

    That retard OP is autistic as fuck, so he has an excuse.

    Unless you have down syndrome like the OP does, it's not okay
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    Go read through the forum you dumb cunt many have done it, a bunch of them to adverse effect and you don't need more than the regurgitated 250mg for your amateur board short local debut anyway
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    Yeah cool mate...

    No one has provided any useful input a other than the same parroted rubbish "1gram of gear" is not safe. If its not safe then great, provide an alternative. Other wise if you dont have anything positive to add the this thread then dont comment
  4. Mayne

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    Do you think any of us here on meso own a legitimate crystal ball? It may be doable or you may wreck your body what more do you need to understand? If you are going to do it do regular blood work and all the extra monitoring to go along and maybe you are going to be back bragging about your achievement. Plenty of people have tried to explain to you already
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    Well that was a waste of time trying to advice from down sydnrome/bipolar sufferers...

    Close the thread please.
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    Woman of who? He said they lasted 2 weeks and problem was dishonesty, so let go.
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    Bro this week and the fucking trolls is really pissing me off.
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    Run this gear at the dosages for a very long cycle and then get blood work done and check in on other health markers. Keep track of everything meticulously so you have lots of data. Then analyze it and assess where you are at. Physical results vs health impact. Then take ownership and be the judge of deciding whether to run these compounds and dosages long term. It’s your life and body ultimately. Nobody can really give you “for sure” advice. Nothing is guaranteed. In general most members on Meso would agree run the lowest quantity that provides maximum benefit. Training, diet and overall lifestyle are the other key variables and where you should focus your efforts. Good luck with your long term experiment. And welcome to the wonderful world of steroids where all your decisions potentially have long term implications.
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    I know you like your girls ripped, with striated glutes, makes them look more like men.

    I don’t like that but that’s okay bro, in this day and age with this acceptance movement, you can pretty much fuck a tree and everyone at home will still love you, so you don’t have anything to worry about.
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  10. Naw
    Dont think I will
    Its disrespectful and you know it.
    Build up fellow upstanding members.
    Not insult

    I'd be insulted as well.
    Dont like dat ass?
    Go pound whatever you want.

    Yeah, a bit fucked up.. but at least I'll be loved when I run tren and jerk off to some weird shit
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    No one can give you answer because we dont know how you react diferent compounds.For example i can run 400mg test pwk year round with no impact on my bloods,tumor markers and ekg and no need of using AI,while many people cant even run 150mg...This is something you should experiment with and find whats works for you.
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    You realise that cardio vascular health doesnt really (if at all) show on bloodwork though, right ?
  13. Tren91

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    It can definitely indicate if there are some problems also i said i am doing ekg/ecg do you know what that is?
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    With a comment like that, he'll want you banned.
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    Oh, ok...
  16. Try it for yourself dickhead and report back. I can tell you 100mg tren ace ED solo no test will fuck your dick up week 3.... day 18 I think I made it, shit was pretty wild till then but I couldnt continue forward I need full function and dropped the cycle. I ran 1.5g-2g test c and 1g equipoise for 24 weeks. I can tell you my crit and BP got so high I had to drop all orals. Was poppin nose bleeds, one was a sprayer freaked this chic out in the gym had to walk out. I never saw her again think she stopped coming to the basement. Have to check my notes but I think with 2gs of cyp I was taking 1mg adex ED at the end trying to drop some water get everything in line. Ended up dropping blood 3-4 fridays in a row before I felt good again. I was slinging some fuckin plates though, interesting learning experience...

    Squatch is bout 6ft 285...he was cruising at 500mg test for awhile, didnt need an AI. Ultimately he ended up reducing his cruise dose but I cant remember why check his old logs.

    End of the day you're going to have to see what works for you...and what level of risk to reward you're willing to assume to reach your goals. One of my favorite member quotes here is "every athlete is a snowflake". Just remember this look is rented, and you pay to play. No one can tell you if 1g of gear year round will make you the next arnold or going to put you in a box. How bad u wanna find out??? ;)
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    Not only do i know what it is but i can read it decently

    We re not going to argue wether or not CV risk ok PEDs users can be properly assessed by bloods and ECG though, take care
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    Do you compete professionally, actor, model or is this just a lifestyle?
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    Nah dude. It’s just his internet persona.
  20. JC Grifter

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    I just want to see someone’s justification to do this for a lifestyle/fun. If I was the Rock and making $50million a year, then the risk to reward ratio changes. I can’t Understand why someone would put that level of stress on their body for fun
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