Long term storage raws 5-10yrs

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  1. Soren

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    Trying to come up with a way to store raws as I have about half kilo of various raws and ancillaries and would like to keep some back for future batches.

    1. 5mil Mylar bags vacuum sealed, I would pack 10-15gms into small mylar bags and then seal these bags with another larger bag and store them in canning jar with silica packets to keep moisture away. Room Temp.

    2. Put raws into HDPE or LDPE Polyethylene vials 2ml and seal caps with parafilm and put that into mylar vacuum sealed bags and into canning jars with silica packets. Room Temp.

    3. Brew unfiltered raws with a long lasting oil, perhaps Mig840 or possibly even extra virgin coconut oil at high concentrations perhaps 500mg/ml with no BA or BB, that could be added later. Pour these into HDPE or LDPE vials with screw cap lids, seal with parafilm, vacuum seal with mylar and silica packets and freeze inside a well sealing plastic container set up to prevent freezer burn. Refrigerated, Freezer?

    What do you think about these ideas. I searched for better ideas, but it's a topic that doesn't seem well researched.
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  2. Rehh

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    Brew gear at 500 mg/ml with no BA or BB......??
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  3. Soren

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    This would be for preservation, you'd have to dilute with oil, add your ba/bb and filter after pulling it out of the freezer.

    Honestly I'd rather just put the dry powder in small glass vials filled to the brim used for HPLC testing, put those in heat sealed mylar bags and put all those in a larger heat sealed mylar bag with an oxygen packet and store them in a temperature controlled vault.
  4. Digger

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    I think he meant.. there's know way your getting your raws to hold at 500mg/ml. Have you any idea what your talking about? Then your going to stick it in the freezer? That should help it stay in solution, lol
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  5. Soren

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    I know it's not going to hold at 500mg/ml, the point was just to get it into oil and then freeze it. It can crash, I don't care. The main point was to provide a means of protecting the steroid for long term storage.

    I can always drop it down to 300mg/ml, but I still want to be able to add my BB/BA when the time come to use it.

    Honestly I don't plan to use this method, I intend to use glass vials vacuum sealed in mylar for the raws.
  6. Digger

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    Glass vial, sealed with an argon or nitrogen atmosphere. Keep it cool and free from condensation should last a long ass time.
  7. Soren

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    I found a source for argon gas that is pretty cheap, I'll give it a try. Thanks Digger.
  8. Digger

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    Be careful with the flow rate
  9. steroidhormone

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    hello , you don't need to do so this , just seal the powder in vacuum and in cool and dark place , and valid time of raw powder is 2 years
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  10. buck

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    Lab that I have been in just keep their powders dark, cool and dry. I have kept them for many years with this protocol and have had no issues that I can tell.
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  11. Canning jars with silica packs and you’ll be good for years.
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