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    Long post but I want to put all here once, thanks for patience and understanding.

    Been wandering this forum and some others for few years and never signed up. Finally bit down and to see doc and start TRT last year. it become a hassle with the local doc so decide to take different way which prompted me to finally sign up and start posts. Docs had me on 200mg testosterone cyp and 1500iu of hcg which had me at-around 1000 total t. base line was 400 which tells me I’ll be in trt for all life and a blast-cruise bro

    Just under 30 5,9 200lb around 20%. Diet is a mix of shit and healthy as I can eat whatever and maintain my weight with no working out, every fatass dream right. I enjoy it but I enjoy being fit more so and is time to get back to those times before injury. With correct foods, gym, and all stuff I used to have.

    As I say trt so I look to cruise at 200mg or maybe reduction to 150 and see result with blood labs. Goal is cut and more cut. I look to do blast at 4-500mg test blend subq, eod for 12 week and maybe add 25mg win inject IM eod for week 6-12. Reduce hcg to 250iu eod, instead of 1500 weekly total as I feel doctor gave to much. arimidex .25mg eod. If I keep eod schedule means everything taken same day.

    I have real pharmacy 30g of arimidex and 10more weeks of hcg on hand. but need attainable source for more as American script also no more. The pharmacy in undergoround seem the most reliable for arim and hcg but will search others as noncontrol script not to scary to look for but super expensive. rimidex $1.60/pill with script and hcg $75/11,000.

    The gear is the scary part. I have 5ml of pharm left but will be starting Mexico lab of Kralskoga that say Sweden(makes US tourist happier maybe). I have found 3 threads on here with no info about it Lol but it’s available from trusted friend. The friend is trusted, the lab is unknown but widely used in Mexico. Their test 400 is $80/10ml which I plan on using is 187-cyp 188-eth 25-prop if I follow eod schedule that is maybe .3ml each to get 400ish/week and closer to .4ml for 500mg

    This Karlskoga is everywhere Mexico, but unknown in US. Id love to find a lab here in US or elsewhere to send samples or whole vial if need be to verify content. This would put me at ease and hopefully provide new source for people who make the trip down there. I saw old thread for aniboliclabs, are they still up and running? but I dnot have $300 each to test everything they sell. But I’m willing to eat cost for purchase of the products. Only other way is run Mexico gear and do bloods which will happen anyway but that takes time and every body is different so results have variables like the context of hcg.

    I would like trusted source either in person or online so I’m reading the UL section 10hours a day. It’s so so confusing but maybe I’ll break the code eventually. If I can test Mexico gear that may solve everything and I avoid the chance of LE issue and putting my data out there so I don’t end up like naps. Fuck scary.

    Now that I have explained, thanks for patience. I have food and gym good. I’ll spend money with (name)pharmacy for hcg, adex. I can’t-won’t ask for gear source but maybe hints on how to sort through shills and haters, or, point in direction of getting Mexico vials tested and that becomes my source and helps others. Friend can get catalog of all Mexico product to know which ones to buy for tests if that’s a bingo. I am not interested in all these different ones but willing to help people.

    Lastly does the blast-cycle I posted work? I am not interested in huge muscle gains and super shred right now. I want to step from trt to self medicate very slowly. Since I remain at trt when done I should not need clomid and similar items as my normal test is junk anyway and I stay on low testosterone for life. From reading I should just cut everything back to my TRT level and not worry. Then get blood labs 2 weeks later to confirm.
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    Found the lab testing forum and looking up options for getting Mexico gear tested. Sent (name)analytic a conversation to ask about AL being able to do it. I am slow or retarded. Don’t flame hard.
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