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    RunRideFaster Junior Member

    Hi all,

    I'm an endurance athlete coming off of a low dose Test E cycle. I did 100mgs a week divided into 2 pins. I was on for a long time, 4 months. I know this is a low dose. And I know it's more like TRT than dosing for gains, but trust me, this is what I needed and it worked well.

    I leaned up, gained strength and endurance where I needed and had no bloat.

    But it's now time to come off, the season is over.

    I've read so much conflicting stuff on pct.

    Some say I need to do HGC for 3 weeks prior to my last pin, then clomid/nolva. Others say that on such a low dose the HPTA won't be totally shut down and I could get away with just HGC, just nolva, or even nothing.

    I have letro on hand, as I've always had some bloat around pecs, since puberty, and I'd read it can help clear that up. It works, by the way, but makes me crazy anxious, depressed, and I lose focus. No more letro for me, unless things go crazy then I'll do .25 or less E3D and monitor.

    Anyone have more personal or concrete experience on coming off of a longer term, lower dose cycle like that? I really appreciate it. I want to keep me lean look as much as possible.

    Thanks for any feedback.
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    Assuming normal to start, the HPTA will restore easily after TE 100 mg per week for 4 months. A SERM alone for 30 days will suffice if concerned.
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    RunRideFaster Junior Member

    Thanks, Dr. Scally. Any tips on mitigating anxiety? I was waylaid with that when I dabbled with the letro...no way I'm wanting to feel that again! I have nolva, will try that under the standard 30 day protocol I've researched.

    The results of even a low dose like this were fantastic for me. The tendency is to want to stay 'on' even longer, but I feel a break over the winter is wise.

    Can a person 'supplement' natural T production with a single monthly pin of, say, 100mgs? To keep metabolism high and fat burning going?

    Appreciate it!

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