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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Greek_beast95, Sep 25, 2019.

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    whats up guys have a pretty tough goal I’m trying to accomplish in 3 months and I’m not sure I can do it on my own with my current knowledge and experience and think it’s time I find an online coach who can help me out with making me a diet / workout plan , I’m on a bit of a tight budget so I am looking for someone on the cheaper spectrum, I know you get what you pay for and if I had excess money to spend it would absolutely be going to this before anything else . Anyone interested thanks !
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    What, exactly, are you trying to accomplish/looking for?
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    Well I’m 5’8 193 pounds with the biggest bitch stomach ever , it’s tough man have all my fat just naturally in the gut and nowhere else , I have a vacation in 3
    Months to the Dominican and for once in my
    Life I want to not be the fat kid at the pool, I’d kill for visible abs . I’ve been eating much cleaner , cut all carbs out, and added cardio to my workout , but still feel like a coach couldn’t hurt , and vacation or not I’ve been dying to tone my stomach out so I can finally do a slow clean bulk afterwards .
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    Thank you for the suggestion , I emailed him this morning asking if he takes anything other than bitcoin still
    Waiting on a reply , figured I’d look around and see if there’s any other options on here
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    Awesome thanks a lot guys appreciate it!
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    Logan, thank you, thank you a lot for thinking of us. Currently, we don't have an opening for another client. However, this may change in the near future, you never know...
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    Don't hurt yourself doing anything dramatic.
    Commit to a diet, meditate on why it's important to you and finally stick to one this time. Coaches are over rated. Everyone is a coach. Do some research and you'll be fine.
    Coaches are for lazy and ignorant fucks.

    Dorian yates? Never had a coach. Lots of these guys train them selves. Coaches are expensive. They just tell you to do what you already have access to with the internet to figure out.

    If you can shake your laziness and inability to stay committed I'm sure you can figure out how to diet and get results. Don't quit, stay consistent, eat less than you need, eat mostly Protien and don't over indulge in anabolic assistance. You'll thank yourself when your 57 and not dead.
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    I have a coach so I'm ignorant and lazy? Dorian Yates is a coach. His athlete placed 3 in wheelchair Olympia, he's ignorant and lazy too? You say some dumb shit
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    Yes you are. Congrats. DY is not a coach, he assists a few men whom he sees as worthy causes. Mostly emotional connections.
    Think of it as a charity case. I know all about "his athelete". It's his friend. The wheelchair guy is not lazy nor ignorant. I think he's just enjoying the connection with DY. I mean who wouldn't want to be trained by DY?
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    Also I just dropped in to post my thread about danile pozzi who died.

    I'm logging out now, probably won't check in for another few weeks but don't think because after you and your boys run off a bunch of brain washed replies you all will have won some sort of argument.

    Be safe and responsible ladies and gentlemen,

    Saftey first signing out.
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    What a winner
  16. MindlessWork

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    Yes truly a winner as the suggestions here are solid and OP can't go wrong with them. Hopefully a spot opens up for him.
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    @Safety First youve officially become a jackass in my book. You’re an absolute idiot.

    @Greek_beast95 did yo email tuta or proton? Let me open tuta up; in exclusively proton now (same handle).

    Edit: replied! Talk to you soon man and sorry for the delay thus far.
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    Congratulations, that is one of the dumbest things I've read on here. That's saying something one guy was asking if he could weigh his balls to see if they were atrophied. This takes the cake though
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    I'm actually upset I missed that one.